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Fundamentals of the Physical Theory of Diffraction

Verlag :  Wiley, J
ISBN :  978-0-470-09771-7
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Seiten/Umfang :  ca. 330 S. - 23,8 x 16,5 cm
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Erscheinungsdatum :  1. Auflage 06.03.2007
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 135,00 Eur[D] UVP

A complete presentation of the modern physical theory of diffraction and its applications

This pioneering book is the first complete description of the modern physical theory of diffraction (PTD), based on the concept of elementary edge waves. The author, recognized as the world's leading authority on PTD, gives readers a solid foundation in the theory and demonstrates a wide range of practical applications. Readers develop the skills to apply PTD to solve various scattering problems. In particular, this theory can be of interest for designers of military stealth weapons and defense systems. When combined with numerical methods, PTD can also be useful for developing efficient hybrid techniques to analyze diffraction on complex radiating and scattering structures.

Using the example of the diffraction of acoustic and electromagnetic waves at perfectly reflecting objects, the author effectively demonstrates PTD. The derived analytic expressions clearly illustrate the physical structure of the scattered field. They additionally describe all of the reflected and diffracted rays and beams, as well as the fields in the vicinity of caustics and foci. Shadow radiation, a fundamental component of PTD, is introduced and proven to contain half of the total scattered power. The equivalence relationships between acoustic and electromagnetic diffracted waves are established and emphasized.

Throughout the book, the author has taken measures to enable readers to master both the theory and its practical applications:
* Plotted numeric results supplement the theory and facilitate the visualization of the individual contributions of distinct parts of the scattering objects to the total diffracted field
* Detailed comments help readers understand and implement all the critical steps of the analytic and numeric calculations
* Problem sets in each chapter give readers an opportunity to analyze and investigate the diffraction phenomena

As the first book to thoroughly cover modern PTD, Fundamentals of the Physical Theory of Diffraction is an essential resource for all researchers involved in designing antennas and solving scattering problems. It is also ideal for students studying high frequency asymptotic techniques.

PYOTR Ya. UFIMTSEV, PhD, D.Sc, has been recognized for his outstanding work in the theory of diffraction and propagation of electromagnetic and acoustic waves. Among his groundbreaking results are the theory of scattering from black bodies, the physical theory of diffraction, and the discovery of new phenomena related to surface waves in absorbing layers. Dr. Ufimtsev has been affiliated with a number of research and academic institutions, including the Institute of Radio-engineering and Electronics of the USSR Academy of Sciences (Moscow), the Moscow Aviation Institute, and most recently, the University of California at Irvine. Among Dr. Ufimtsev's many honors and awards are the USSR State Prize and the Leroy Randle Grumman Medal.