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1st Range Imaging Research Day

Proceedings, September 8/9, 2005 at ETH Zurich Switzerland

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3D measurement technologies have always been very important for many professions. In the recent years, laser scanning came up and today's laser scanners are State-of-the-Art for high-resolution capturing of the 3D environment. It is always worth striving for alternatives. Range imaging (RIM) is such an alternative. Range imaging sensors are on their way to fulfill the demands of high resolution, high speed, light weight and inexpensiveness. Therefore they are suitable for many different applications: robotics, automotive, computer vision, and spatial information systems can be named here, for example. Range imaging has a high potential to cope with the diverse demands. The adaptability of these sensors is one of their main advantages over other technologies. Obviously there is a huge market for RIM sensors.
Surely it becomes clear that RIM sensors also give different challenges that have to be managed. Besides the different operation methods, the characteristics of such sensors have to be investigated and handled.
Because of the different strengths of RIM sensors, laser scanners, and 2D vision systems, all systems have their own advantages. The combination of these assets will generate strong and reliable solutions for the different application. The team spirit also is present here.
The Range Imaging Research Day was initiated to bring together members of different Range Imaging fields of interest and to build up a denser network. Exchange and possible cooperation are the main aspects. Inventors, users, and scientists have to work together in order to enforce this productive and promising technology with important chances for the future.
With the organization of the 1st Range Imaging Research Day we hope to create a platform for the exchange of knowledge in this field. We are very grateful for all contributions and we are sure that the exchange between and within the different groups will be fruitful and refreshing. We also would like to thank all attendees and interested persons. The good feedback regarding the planning of the RIM Day makes us confident that it will not remain a singular event.


Titel: 1st Range Imaging Research Day
Autoren/Herausgeber: Hilmar Ingensand, Timo Kahlmann
Weitere Mitwirkende: Hilmar Ingensand, Timo Kahlmann

ISBN/EAN: 9783906467573

Seitenzahl: 148
Format: 29 x 21 cm
Gewicht: 389 g
Sprache: Englisch

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