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A Vision Shared

A Portrait of America 1935–1943

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Featuring the indelible work of the eleven photographers who worked for the Farm Security Administration — perhaps the finest photographic team assembled in the twentieth century — A Vision Shared: A Classic Portrait of America and Its People 1935–1943 was published in 1976 to great acclaim, and was named one of the hundred most important books of the decade by the Association of American Publishers. John Collier, Jack Delano, Walker Evans, Theo Jung, Dorothea Lange, Russell Lee, Carl Mydans, Arthur Rothstein, Ben Shahn, John Vachon and Marion Post Wolcott were invited by Hank O’Neal to choose the best of their own work, and provide commentary.
For the fortieth anniversary edition of this remarkable volume, all of the photographs, text and historical material that made up the original edition have been carefully reproduced, followed by a new afterword by O’Neal detailing the events that followed the book’s initial release.


Titel: A Vision Shared
Autoren/Herausgeber: Hank O'Neal

ISBN/EAN: 9783958291812

Seitenzahl: 384
Format: 28 x 24 cm
Produktform: Hardcover/Gebunden
Sprache: Englisch

Hank O’Neal was born in 1940 and, in addition to being a photographer, his career has included stints in the worlds of government, education, and record and concert production. In 1970 O’Neal took his first serious photographs and two years later met Berenice Abbott, with whom he worked closely for the next nineteen years. About the same time he met André Kertész, Walker Evans and all the other living Farm Security Administration photographers. O’Neal is co-editor of Berenice Abbott (2008) and the five volume The Unknown Abbott (2013), and has published more than a dozen other books on various subjects, mostly related to photography, music or both.

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