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Biochemical and Clinical Aspects of Oxygen

Elsevier Science,
E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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Biochemical and Clinical Aspects of Oxygen contains the proceedings of a symposium held on the Pingree Park Campus of Colorado State University on September 24-29, 1978. Contributors discuss the biochemical and clinical aspects of oxygen, focusing on reactions and areas relating to heme, flavin, copper and nonheme iron proteins, organ transplants, carbon monoxide formation and detoxification, oxidant drugs and pollutants, oxygen toxicity, enzyme inactivation, lipid peroxidation, membrane destruction, antioxidants, cataractogenesis, mutagen and carcinogen formation, malaria and trypanosome parasites, and inflammation. This volume is organized into 51 chapters and begins with a discussion of bonding and reactions of dioxygen bound to hemeproteins, along with the pathophysiology of hemolysis due to unstable hemoglobins. The focus then turns to the reactivity and function of leghemoglobin, reduction of oxygen and five redox forms of horseradish peroxidase, and acid-base catalysis and hydrogen bonding in reactions mediated by peroxidases. The reader is methodically introduced to the ligands of cytochrome P-450 and their role in the activation of dioxygen, oxygen and catabolite regulation of hemoprotein biosynthesis in yeast, and factors controlling hemoprotein reactivity. A chapter describing the spectroscopic mapping of oxygen supply and demand in the heart concludes the book. This book will be of interest to biochemists, biophysicists, physicians, toxicologists, immunologists, physiologists, parasitologists, radiologists, and environmentalists.


Titel: Biochemical and Clinical Aspects of Oxygen

ISBN/EAN: 9780323142090

Seitenzahl: 886
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

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