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Bioprocessing Technologies in Biorefinery for Sustainable Production of Fuels, Chemicals, and Polymers

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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Sets the stage for large-scale production of biofuels andbio-based chemicals
In response to diminishing supplies as well as the environmentalhazards posed by fossil fuels and petrochemicals, interest anddemand for green, sustainable biofuels and bio-based chemicals aresoaring. Biomass may be the solution. It is an abundantcarbon-neutral renewable feedstock that can be used for theproduction of fuels and chemicals. Currently, biorefineries usecorn, soybeans, and sugarcane for bioethanol and biodieselproduction; however, there are many challenges facingbiorefineries, preventing biomass from reaching its fullpotential.
This book provides a comprehensive review of bioprocessingtechnologies that use lignocellulosic biomass for the production ofbiofuels, biochemicals, and biopolymers. It begins with an overviewof integrated biorefineries. Next, it covers:
* Biomass feedstocks, including sugar, starch, oil, and energycrops as well as microalgae
* Pretreatment technologies for lignocellulosic biomass
* Hydrolytic enzymes used in biorefineries for the hydrolysis ofstarch and lignocelluloses
* Bioconversion technologies for current and future biofuels suchas ethanol, biodiesel, butanol, hydrogen, and biogas
* Specialty chemicals, building block chemicals, and biopolymersproduced via fermentation
* Phytochemicals and functional food ingredients extracted fromplant materials
All the chapters have been written and edited by leading expertsin bioprocessing and biorefining technologies. Contributions arebased on a thorough review of the literature as well as theauthors' firsthand experience developing and working withbioprocessing technologies.
By setting forth the current state of the technology andpointing to promising new directions in research, BioprocessingTechnologies in Biorefinery for Sustainable Production of Fuels,Chemicals, and Polymers will enable readers to move towardslarge-scale, sustainable, and economical production of biofuels andbio-based chemicals.


Titel: Bioprocessing Technologies in Biorefinery for Sustainable Production of Fuels, Chemicals, and Polymers
Autoren/Herausgeber: Shang-Tian Yang, Hesham El-Ensashy, Nuttha Thongchul (Hrsg.)
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9781118641941

Seitenzahl: 488
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

SHANG-TIAN YANG, PhD, is Professor of Chemical andBiomolecular Engineering at The Ohio State University as well asDirector of the Ohio Bioprocessing Research Consortium. Cofounderof two biotechnology startup companies, Dr. Yang has conductedresearch in bioprocess engineering, fermentation, biocatalysis,cell and tissue engineering, metabolic engineering, and functionalgenomics.
HESHAM A. EL-ENSHASY, PhD, is Professor of BioprocessEngineering and is Assistant Director for Research and Innovationfor the Institute of Bioproduct Development (IBD) at UniversitiTecknologi Malaysia. Dr. El-Enshasy is also Professor at City forScientific Research and Technology Applications, Egypt.
NUTTHA THONGCHUL, PhD, is Assistant Professor at theInstitute of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering and AdjunctProfessor in the Biotechnology Program at Chulalongkorn University,Thailand.

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