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Boron Hydride Chemistry

Elsevier Science,
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Boron Hydride Chemistry covers the significant contributions of boron hydride research in the subjects of bonding, structure, and stereochemistry. This book contains 12 chapters that illustrate the merging of certain areas of boron hydride chemistry with other disciplines, such as organic, organometallic, and transition metal chemistry. After providing an overview of the general geometric, stereochemical, and dynamic stereochemical features of boron hydrides, this book goes on exploring the bonding theory and theoretical research on boron hydrides, with an emphasis on boron hydrides that have open polyhedral structures. These topics are followed by discussions on gas phase and solution reactions of borane and substituted boranes. A chapter focuses on the chemistry of cations containing boron atoms bonded to hydrogen. The remaining chapters examine the syntheses, structures, bonding, spectral properties, and chemistry of specific boron hydrides, including borazines, closo-boron hydrides, carboranes, icosahedral carboranes, and close- and nido-heteroboranes. Inorganic chemists and researchers, teachers, and undergraduate inorganic chemistry students will find this book invaluable.


Titel: Boron Hydride Chemistry

ISBN/EAN: 9780323146494

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Produktform: E-Book
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