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Broadband Infrastructure

The Ultimate Guide to Building and Delivering OSS/BSS

Springer US,
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The companies that provide the Internet to the rest of the world do not have the luxury of setting high expectations and assuming they will be met. These Internet infrastructure companies (IICs) are responsible for delivering the Internet's promise, including everything from eBusiness and mobile Internet applications to optical services and high-speed access. The Internet's audience takes this promise for granted, and IICs face the daunting challenge of making the Internet, and networks like it, do what the audience expects them to. To meet the expectations they face, IICs must harness the power of their operations support systems (OSSs) - the software systems in the background they use to create, manage, maintain, manipulate and adapt their networks to serve customers reliably and rapidly. Broadband Infrastructure: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Delivering OSS/BSS is a "how to" book for Internet infrastructure companies to help them prepare for the decisions they will face when constructing their core OSS strategies and infrastructure. This book provides a source of reference and education to learn the language, methods, and technologies associated with the OSS market. It examines the Internet infrastructure supply chain and how it will be automated. Finally, it brings together a wealth of proven knowledge and advice, gathered from BusinessEdge Solutions' extensive OSS experience, that broadband providers can use to minimize their OSS risks while maximizing their ability to differentiate and compete.


Titel: Broadband Infrastructure
Autoren/Herausgeber: Shailendra Jain, Mark Hayward, Sharad Kumar
Ausgabe: 2003

ISBN/EAN: 9781402073786

Seitenzahl: 282
Format: 23,5 x 15,5 cm
Produktform: Hardcover/Gebunden
Gewicht: 1,330 g
Sprache: Englisch

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