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Business Planning and Consolidation with SAP: Business User Guide

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Calling all SAP BPC users! Learn to handle tricky financials planning, forecasting, and budgeting with this book on SAP Business Planning and Consolidation. Step-by-step instructions will guide you through completing daily SAP BPC tasks such as data consolidation, workflow management, and report creation. Explore preconfigured system reports and learn to tailor custom reports to your specific business requirements. Use SAP BPC productively to enhance your organization's planning processes.
Routine BPC Activities
Plan, budget, and forecast using SAP BPC data with the EPM Add-In or the Web Client. Find out how to generate and monitor consolidated data for internal reporting or legal consolidation. Explore business process flow (BPF) functionality for workflow management.
Reporting with SAP BPC
Develop and format reports in SAP BPC using both routine and advanced functionality for report creation. Create custom reports or use pre-formatted system reports to better understand your SAP BPC data.
Advanced SAP BPC Tasks
Conduct periodic system maintenance for inevitable business changes such as process alternations, security developments, or new consolidation requirements.
SAP BPC interfaces
System modeling
Planning, budgeting, and forecasting
Consolidated data
Custom SAP BPC reports
BPF functionality
BPF reports
EPM Add-In
Security management
Dimension management
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Titel: Business Planning and Consolidation with SAP: Business User Guide
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