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CD-Trainingskonzept: Social Competence

Skills to Achieve Success

248,00 € Lieferbar in 2-3 Tagen


With this Social Skills Training Concept, you can offer your participants, interns as well as senior managers, a forum for intensive examination of themselves personally and their patterns of conduct. You can train groups of 5-25 individuals. The training concept is structured in such a way that you can implement it very quickly and easily. Depending on the key areas requested or possible time constraints set by the client, you can take out or rearrange individual blocks. In this regard, it is advisable to orient yourself according to the needs of the participants. The extent to which you implement the training seminar has no impact on the Follow-up Day.The richly detailed training concept offers contents for four individual training days plus Follow-Up Day, 245 PowerPoint slides, 11 handouts and 15 impulses as PDF scripts. You can structure the entire seminar using the PowerPoint presentation. The slides are arranged in topical order so that you can easily present them in sequence. In the notes, you can find suggestions, examples, recommended times, supplements, and tips. In the handouts you will find worksheets and questionnaires, which the participants use to work on various topics, either individually or in groups. Impulses are little stories and food for thought that can be distributed at the start of the day, the end of the day, or in between, depending on the topic.


Titel: CD-Trainingskonzept: Social Competence
Autoren/Herausgeber: Sandra Eisenmann
Ausgabe: 1., 2013

ISBN/EAN: 9783941965584

Format: 19 x 13,5 cm
Produktform: CD-ROM
Gewicht: 100 g
Sprache: Englisch

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