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Cyberwar, Netwar and the Revolution in Military Affairs

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The end of the Cold War, the Revolution in Military Affairs, 9/11 and the War on Terror have radically altered the nature of conflict and security in the Twenty-first Century. This book considers how developments in technology effect the prosecution of war and what the changing nature of warfare means for human rights and civil society.


Titel: Cyberwar, Netwar and the Revolution in Military Affairs
Autoren/Herausgeber: E. Halpin, P. Trevorrow, D. Webb, S. Wright (Hrsg.)
Ausgabe: 1st ed. 2006

ISBN/EAN: 9781349541232

Seitenzahl: 253
Format: 21,6 x 14 cm
Produktform: Taschenbuch/Softcover
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Sprache: Englisch

MARTIN BAYER Correspondent for Germany for Jane's Defence Weekly
GARY CHAPMAN Director of 'The 21st Century Project', University of Texas, USA
GEOFFREY DARNTON Head of Knowledge Transfer, Institute of Business and Law, University of Bournemouth and Programme Leader for the MA in Information Systems Management, University of Bournemouth, UK
STEFAN FRITSCH Lecturer in International Relations, Department of History and Political Science, University of Salzburg, Austria
GUS HOSEIN Visiting Fellow, Department of Information Systems, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK
BRUCE D. LARKIN Professor Emeritus of Politics, University of California, USA
DIEGO LATELLA Lecturer, Department of Computer Science, University of Pisa, Italy
MASSIMO MAURO Principal Administrator, Council of the European Union, Directorate-General C 1 (Internal Market)
MIKE MOORE Contributing Editor of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists
PETER G. NEUMANN Principal Scientist, Computer Science Laboratory, SRI International, USA
JARI RANTAPELKONEN Information Operations Instructor, National Defence College, Finland
CARLO SCHAERF Professor of Physics, University of Rome, Italy
GIAN PIERO SIROLI Lecturer in Computer and Network Security, Department of Physics, University of Bologna, Italy
CHRIS WU Chief Editor of China Affairs and a Research Fellow at the Centre for Modern China - Newsletter
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