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Design and Analysis of Composite Structures

With Applications to Aerospace Structures

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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Design and Analysis of Composite Structures enables graduatestudents and engineers to generate meaningful and robust designs ofcomplex composite structures. Combining analysis and design methodsfor structural components, the book begins with simple topics suchas skins and stiffeners and progresses through to entire componentsof fuselages and wings.
Starting with basic mathematical derivation followed bysimplifications used in real-world design, Design and Analysis ofComposite Structures presents the level of accuracy and range ofapplicability of each method. Examples taken from actualapplications are worked out in detail to show how the concepts areapplied, solving the same design problem with different methodsbased on different drivers (e.g. cost or weight) to show how thefinal configuration changes as the requirements and approachchange.
* Provides a toolkit of analysis and design methods to mostsituations encountered in practice, as well as analyticalframeworks and the means to solving them for tackling less frequentproblems.
* Presents solutions applicable to optimization schemes withouthaving to run finite element models at each iteration, speeding upthe design process and allowing examination of several morealternatives than traditional approaches.
* Includes guidelines showing how decisions based onmanufacturing considerations affect weight and how weightoptimization may adversely affect the cost.
* Accompanied by a website at www.wiley.com/go/kassapoglouhosting lecture slides and solutions to the exercises forinstructors.

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