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Design and Control of Distillation Systems for Separating Azeotropes

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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Hands-on guidance for the design, control, and operation ofazeotropic distillation systems
Following this book's step-by-step guidance, readers learn tomaster tested and proven methods to overcome a major problem inchemical processing: the distillation and separation of azeotropes.Practical in focus, the book fully details the design, control, andoperation of azeotropic distillation systems, using rigoroussteady-state and dynamic simulation tools.
Design and Control of Distillation Systems for SeparatingAzeotropes is divided into five parts:
* Fundamentals and tools
* Separations without adding other components
* Separations using light entrainer (heterogeneous azeotropicdistillation)
* Separations using heavy entrainer (extractive distillation)
* Other ways for separating azeotropes
The distillation methods presented cover a variety of importantindustrial chemical systems, including the processing of biofuels.For most of these chemical systems, the authors explain how toachieve economically optimum steady-state designs. Moreover,readers learn how to implement practical control structures thatprovide effective load rejection to manage disturbances inthroughput and feed composition.
Trade-offs between steady-state energy savings and dynamiccontrollability are discussed, helping readers design and implementthe distillation system that best meets their particular needs. Inaddition, economic and dynamic comparisons between alternativemethods are presented, including an example of azeotropicdistillation versus extractive distillation for theisopropanol/water system.
With its focus on practical solutions, Design and Control ofDistillation Systems for Separating Azeotropes is ideal forengineers facing a broad range of azeotropic separation problems.Moreover, this book is recommended as a supplemental text forundergraduate and graduate engineering courses in design, control,mass transfer, and bio-processing.


Titel: Design and Control of Distillation Systems for Separating Azeotropes
Autoren/Herausgeber: William L. Luyben, I-Lung Chien
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9780470575796

Seitenzahl: 480
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

WILLIAM L. LUYBEN, PhD, is a professor at Lehigh University.Dr. Luyben has published more than 220 technical papers in processcontrol and design and is the author or coauthor of eleventextbooks. In addition, he has nine years of industrial experience,working with Exxon and DuPont.
I-LUNG CHIEN, PhD, is a professor at National TaiwanUniversity of Science and Technology with research interests indesign and control of chemical, polymer, and bio-processes. He wasa senior consulting engineer for DuPont Engineering for nine years,where he performed research and consultation for various chemicalprocesses. Dr. Chien has published more than fifty technical papersin process control and design.

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