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Developing A Jazz Language

Vol. 6. Melodie-Instrumente im Violinschlüssel. Lehrbuch mit CD.

advance music,
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Discusses over 100 specific devices and concepts to expand the improviser’s expressive vocabulary, including such topics as chord scales, approach/target notes, and scale motives and sequences. It also divides improvisational techniques into three categories–melodic, harmonic, sonic–to provide players with a menu from which devices can be chosen.
melody instruments in Treble Clef


Titel: Developing A Jazz Language
Autoren/Herausgeber: Jerry Bergonzi
Aus der Reihe: Inside Improvisation Series

ISBN/EAN: 9783892211532

Seitenzahl: 172
Format: 30,3 x 23,1 cm
Produktform: Notenblätter
Gewicht: 722 g
Sprache: Englisch

Developing a Jazz Language, is the sixth volume of Jerry Bergonzi’s series, Inside Improvisation. Learning a language requires listening on many levels to the meanings, the sounds, the intentions, and the inflections or nuances of the language. The first chapters of this volume on learning the language of jazz focus on the prerequisites of chord scales, approach notes to chord tones and target notes, scale motives and sequences, and lines.
Part two qualifies improvisational techniques into three areas; melodic, harmonic and sonic (rhythmic devices are the focus of Vol. IV, Melodic Rhythms) and it is designed as a menu of soloing devices from which you can select your personal course of study. Over 100 specific devices are discussed and conceptualized so as to give the improviser more depth of expression and a greater well from which to draw ideas. Among the numerous topics presented are: guide tones, voice leading, chord substitutions, three tonic system for composition, tritonics, hexatonics, tonal expansions, whole tone playing, augmented symmetric scales, double diminished scales, limited range and large range playing, shapes, blues melodies, accents, comping as a soloing device, common tones, articulations, laying back on the...
The CD contains twelve standard chord progressions, each played in two different tempos.

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