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Do Economic Free Zones Pass Legal Scrutiny?

A Review on Existing and Emerging International Law on Foreign Direct Investment in Economic Free Zones

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Table of Abbreviations
Introductory Remarks
Part I The Zones
1. From Ancient China to Internet and Media
2. The Legal Construction
3. Outlook
Part II The Nature of International Law
Part III Lex Lata – Established Law
1. General Principles of Law
2. Customary International Law
2.1 Multilateral Instruments
2.1.1 The World Bank Guidelines
2.1.2 The Multilateral Agreement on Investment
2.1.3 Regional Treaties
2.2 Bilateral Investment Treaties
2.3 National Law
2.4 Conclusion
3. Other Sources of Law
4. Treaty Law
4.1 Multilateral Instruments in General
4.2 The World Trade Organization
4.2.1 The TRIMs Agreement
4.2.2 Subsidies
4.2.3 The GATS
5. Conclusion
Part IV Lex Ferenda – Conflicts and Developments
1. Potential Conflicts of Law
1.1 International Law on FDI vis-à-vis Free Zones
1.1.1 State Sovereignty and Free Zones
1.1.2 State Contracts and Acquired Rights
1.1.3 Conflict Solving
1.2 WTO Law in General
1.3 Subsidies
2. Possibly Emerging Law
2.1 General International Law
2.2 Trade-Related WTO Law
2.3 Towards a Multilateral Investment Agreement?
3. Conclusion
Annex I
States bound by the Agreement on SCM as of June 2003
Annex II
States in the process of accession to the WTO
Annex III
LDCs that are WTO members as of June 2003
Annex IV
States with a GNP below $ 1,000 as of June 2003
Annex V
States which have negotiated exceptions (to various extents) from the Agreement on SCM until January 1, 2008


Titel: Do Economic Free Zones Pass Legal Scrutiny?
Autoren/Herausgeber: Olle Pettersson
Aus der Reihe: European Centre for Transnational Integration Studies (ECTIS)
Ausgabe: Neuausgabe

ISBN/EAN: 9783921929209

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Format: 29 x 21 cm
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