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Dynamic Being

Essays in Process-Relational Ontology

E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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One of the most important characteristics of present day ontological research is the growing interest in, and emphasis on, the dynamic aspects of being and the process-relational character of being itself. However, many important questions still await detailed answers. For example, what is the meaning of the concepts of "e;dynamics,"e; "e;dynamicity,"e; and "e;dynamic ontology,"e; among others? Are they identical to, or similar with, respectively, "e;processes,"e; "e;process ontology,"e; "e;process-relational ontology"e;? Is "e;process ontology"e; a type of "e;dynamic ontology"e;? Dynamic Being: Essays in Process-Relational Ontology examines these and many other questions, and suggests fruitful approaches in dealing with such questions. The book carries out two main tasks: first, investigating developments in the theory of dynamic and process-relational ontologies, and, second, exploring developments in the application of these ontologies. The second task is multidisciplinary in character. The authors of the chapters in this volume are specialists not only in philosophy, but also in other fields of science, including psychology, biology, mathematics, logic, and computer science, their work providing a "e;seed-bed"e; of novel possibilities for cooperative interdisciplinary research.


Titel: Dynamic Being
Autoren/Herausgeber: None

ISBN/EAN: 9781443882439

Seitenzahl: 435
Produktform: E-Book

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