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Energy and Climate Change

Creating a Sustainable Future

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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For more information on this title, including student exercises,please visit, http://www.people.ex.ac.uk/DAColey/
Energy and Climate Change: Creating a Sustainable Futureprovides an up-to-date introduction to the subject examining therelationship between energy and our global environment. The bookcovers the fundamentals of the subject, discussing what energy is,why it is important, as well as the detrimental effect on theenvironment following our use of energy. Energy is placed at thefront of a discussion of geo-systems, living systems, technologicaldevelopment and the global environment, enabling the reader todevelop a deeper understanding of magnitudes.
Learning is re-enforced, and the relevance of the topicbroadened, through the use of several conceptual veins runningthrough the book. One of these is an attempt to demonstrate howsystems are related to each other through energy and energy flows.Examples being wind-power, and bio-mass which are really solarpower via another route; how the energy used to evaporate sea watermust be related to the potential for hydropower; and where avolcano's energy really comes from.
With fermi-like problems and student exercises incorporatedthroughout every chapter, this text provides the perfect companionto the growing number of students taking an interest in thesubject.

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