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Ethical Issues in Human Genetics

Genetic Counseling and the Use of Genetic Knowledge

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In Hay 1970, the Fogarty International Center held a conference on "Early Diagnosis of Human Genetic Defects", under the chairman ship of Dr. Robert Morison.* This conference dealt primarily with the technical aspects of amniocentesis, analysis of genetic defects lJy cytogenetic and biochemical techniques, the culture of arnniotic fluid cells, the risks of amniocentesis, and the technical and ethical problems that arise during screening for defects in homo zygotes and heterozygotes. The last session of this meeting was devoted to ethical issues that have arisen from the development of amniocentesis in combination with genetic analysis which enables a growing list of defects to be diagnosed as early as 16 weeks in pregnancy. At the close of this meeting in 1970, the chairman, in agree ment with other mer.iliers of the conference, pointed out to the Fogarty International staff that with one exception, a lawyer, all the invited speakers had becn medical research workers well known as leaders in their various disciplines of genetics, pediatrics, obstetrics, cytology, research administration, and biochemistry.


Titel: Ethical Issues in Human Genetics
Autoren/Herausgeber: Bruce Hilton (Hrsg.)
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