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Female Ejaculation - G-Spot Massage - Quick Reference

[DIN A4 - 2 pages, laminated] erotic, tantric massage for couples

LoveBase Media,
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Female ejaculation is something natural and a lot of fun. Many women report that it is a liberating experience to “just let go”. For most women ejaculating or “squirting” is easy to learn. Try it on your own or with a partner, male or female.
The Female Ejaculation Quick Reference offers an illustrated short summary of the essential techniques for Female Ejaculation and is a valuable inspiration for every lover. Working with the quick reference is a fun way to deepen your understanding of the g-spot massage and female ejaculation. The quick reference has a high-quality lamination that makes it hard-wearing, ideal for versatile use during massaging or love-making. - Newsletter
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