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Fluorine Chemistry V5

Elsevier Science,
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Fluorine Chemistry, Volume V focuses on the compositions, reactions, properties, and functions of fluorine compounds. The book first discusses the general chemistry of fluorine compounds and the physical chemistry of fluorocarbons. Vapor pressures; details of interaction of polyatomic molecules; coefficients and equations of state for gases; liquid compressibility; and compressibilities of liquid mixtures are discussed. The text looks at the radiochemistry and radiation chemistry of fluorine. Isotopes of fluorine; useful methods for producing F18 and F20; radiochemical properties and counting of F20; fluorine activities in nuclear reactors; and analytical determinations are described. The selection also provides numerical analysis and tabulated representations. The book also focuses on the industrial and utilitarian features of fluorine chemistry. Historical and economic factors; properties of fluorocarbons; refrigerants and propellants; gaseous dielectrics; fire extinguishing agents; and fluorocarbon surfactants are discussed. The text is a vital source of data for readers wanting to study fluorine compounds.


Titel: Fluorine Chemistry V5

ISBN/EAN: 9780323147248

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Produktform: E-Book
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