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From Daddyless to Destiny

E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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"e;They'll never have a meaningful relationship."e; "e;They'll dabble with drugs and alcohol."e; "e;They'll be lucky to keep a job."e; These are just some of the negative, stereotypical things said about Daddyless Daughters and Sons-those millions of young American women and men who grow up in homes with no father figure. Whether their fathers are jailed, deceased, addicted to drugs or just absent from their everyday lives, these women and men often deal with issues others know little about-everything from low self-esteem to unplanned pregnancies to their own drug abuse. Tunette Powell could have been one of those statistics, growing up with a father addicted to drugs. Instead she used his weakness to discover her destiny. Tunette beat the odds, went to college and became an award-winning public speaker and nationally-known author. Now, Tunette, with the help of her mother and co-founder of The Truth Heals, Tulane Holder, are helping Daddyless Daughters and Sons, and the mothers who love them, beat the statistics by empowering them to rewrite their stories in order to go from Daddyless to Destiny! Together, Tunette and Tulane will show you how to: Own and accept the truth; Learn to love the imperfect; Know what forgiveness really is; Learn to value yourself; Find freedom in your story; Re-write your ending; And much more! Exercises included in the book were developed by Rachel M. Sorensen, MS, LMHP, LADC


Titel: From Daddyless to Destiny
Autoren/Herausgeber: Tunette Powell, Tulane Holder

ISBN/EAN: 9781608081073

Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

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