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From Therapist to Coach

How to Leverage Your Clinical Expertise to Build a Thriving Coaching Practice

Wiley, J,
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Praise for From Therapist to Coach
"This book is very practical and helpful to the therapist whowants to make a change and feels a bit overwhelmed with thepossibilities. The section on choosing a niche was illuminating andvery exciting to me. I found it helpful to have the trainingoptions outlined so clearly, and the marketing section wasextremely useful as well."--Shelley R. Cohen, LCSW, BeverlyHills, CA
"This book has sparked a renewed passion for my work as I havestruggled the past couple of years with how to incorporate coachinginto my psychotherapy practice. I knew there must be a way to do itbut lacked the 'how to.' Based on his years of experience and realinsight, David Steele supplies the necessary tools to do soeffectively as well as invaluable strategies to help avoid thepitfalls. Without hesitation, I highly recommend this as a bookthat you will return to time and time again as a handbook for yourprivate practice as a therapist/coach."--Sharon O'Farrell,MIHA, Navan, Ireland
A hands-on guide to helping therapists make the transition to asuccessful coaching practice
Written for therapists by a therapist, From Therapist to Coachprovides a convenient road map for professionals consideringexpanding or transitioning their practice to coaching.
Drawing from his experience in providing relationship coachtraining to over 5,000 therapists, David Steele takes a practicalapproach to building a successful coaching business throughtraditional and creative strategies such as marketing, gettingclients, choosing a niche, and much more.
Here, therapists will find:
* A look at the differences between therapy and coaching
* Examples and insights that therapists can easily (and sometimeshumorously) relate to
* Details on setting fees; enrolling clients; maximizing privatepractice income; finding training; and much more
* A focus on creative group services and business models suited tothe various specialties and niches of personal coaching
* Guidance on how much to bill for services
With insight on the mistakes and pitfalls to avoid along theway, From Therapist to Coach is rich with examples, providing tipsand practical steps to help clinicians in private practice moveforward in their journey towards professional satisfaction.


Titel: From Therapist to Coach
Autoren/Herausgeber: David Steele
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9781118025406

Seitenzahl: 368
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

With more than twenty-five years of clinical practice and fifteen years of coaching experience, DAVID STEELE, MA, LMFT, CFC, is founder and CEO of Relationship Coaching Network and Relationship Coaching Institute. A prolific writer and creator of proven coaching models and mentoring programs, David is a recognized expert in practice development for therapists and coaches. - Newsletter
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