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A Fun Football Primer For Kids

E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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Kids & Parents can share in learning the game of basketball using Dr. Harry Barker's "e;GRIDIRON"e; American Football Primer Book. Included are ABC's for the younger age but there are rules of the game provided for the older kids as well. Using the one of world's most popular sport as a background, Harry has created a memorable experience for young minds to connect words and vibrant pictures with the action of football. He has created a "e;Mascot by the name of "e;Pigskin"e; who injects humor into the learning experience and the results leave children wanting more. Pigskin has the most unique way of making the game more interesting through his antics and funny faces. He changes his hats and uses clothes and a shoes to get in the action and take the reader on the journey with him. Learn about basketball words such as: o Center o Guard o Lineman o Quarterback Just to name a few. Then there is the action: o Punt Kick o Touchdown o Endzone o Three-point Kick ...and much more. These sports training primer books are aimed at providing the basic concepts to all age groups a fun way to learn the rules of some of the most popular sports games. The good doctor's new Children's Sports Series introduces different "e;Mascot's to teach the games along with the English alphabet for an added dimension for interesting, fun, and excitement. To date, there is, "e;Stitch"e; who teaches Batter Up - The Game of Baseball and the #2 book in the series has "e;Dribbles"e; who teaches Hoops - The Game of Football and the #3 book in the series has "e;Pigskin"e; who teaches GRIDIRON- The Game of Soccer and the #4 book in the series has "e;Goalie"e; who teaches KICK-IT- Harry is an educator above all so he blends the learning process with the entertainment factor with the goal of entertaining young minds. His amusing way with words tied with vibrant, colored pictures is guaranteed to keep the young learners interested and are a 'must have' for any child's first reader or personal book collection. So join t


Titel: Grid-Iron
Autoren/Herausgeber: Dr. Harry Barker

ISBN/EAN: 9781630221485

Seitenzahl: 60
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

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