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Heat Pump Systems with Vertical Ground Heat Exchanger and Uncovered Solar Thermal Collectors

Solar Ground Regeneration - Dynamic Simulation, Measurement and Dimensioning

E-Book ( EPUB mit Soft DRM )
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This book provides valuable information for scientists, developing engineers, and ambitious planners in the field of energy systems in buildings. Regenerative heat sources continuously gain importance for the heating of buildings. In the center of the investigations presented are heat pump systems with a hybrid heat source: the uncovered solar collector and the vertical ground heat exchanger. The combination promises to improve the heat pump system in efficiency and stability or to reduce investment costs.
Starting from this particular system, the combination’s benefits and limits are investigated and practical dimensioning rules are derived which are supported and validated against dynamic system simulations, component laboratory tests, and field measurements. Finally, the applied IEA SHC Task 44/HPP Annex 38 simulation set-up improves the results’ comparability and reproducibility.
Many of the results and methods derived are transferable and also apply to heat pump systems in general. The temperature potential introduced enables easy and fast assessment of any hybrid heat source combination. The dimension method developed allows a lucid and comprehensible calculation of any equilibriated vertical ground heat exchanger field pattern. The findings are of high relevance for solar ground regeneration, but also for ground regeneration by cooling and multiple adjacent systems in residential areas.


Titel: Heat Pump Systems with Vertical Ground Heat Exchanger and Uncovered Solar Thermal Collectors
Autoren/Herausgeber: Erik Bertram
Aus der Reihe: MV-Wissenschaft

ISBN/EAN: 9783956455063

Seitenzahl: 206
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

Erik Bertram born 1976 in Berlin
2005 to 2014 Researcher at the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hameln, (ISFH)
Research projects in the fields of
• Solar assisted heat pump systems
• Dynamic system simulation
• Solar ground regeneration
• Photovoltaic-thermal collectors
• Solar thermal heat from metal roof collectors
2010-2013 Member of SHC Task 44 / HPP Annex 38 of International Energy Agency (IEA)
Academic Education
2011 to 2014 Doctorate at Leibniz University Hannover
"Heat pump systems with vertical ground heat exchanger and uncovered solar thermal collector” in the department of building technology at the faculty of architecture and landscape, institute for design and construction
2013 Research exchange to European Research Academy (EURAC), Italy, Dynamic system simulation of solar assisted air source heat pumps
1998 to 2004 Diplom-Ingenieur in energy and process engineering at Technical University of Braunschweig, Master Thesis at Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems in Freiburg, Germany, "Ortsauflösende Messungen an PEM-Brennstoffzellen" (Spatial Measurements of PEM- fuel cells).

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