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Heinz Tesar, "Christus Hoffnung der Welt", Donau City, Wien

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The church rises to the challenge of providing a spiritual centre for
Donau City, the new residential and commercial centre on the opposite
bank of the Danube – not as an act of coronation for the city
in the sense of Taut’s urban crown, as a temple or cathedral, but
as miniature, as a demonstration of the power of the quiet as opposed
to the loud, as an 'oasis in the diaspora', to use Karl Rahner’s
formulation about the parishes of the future.
The building gives an impression of starkness: a hard cube, cut
off at the corners, clad with sheets of black chromium steel. But it
is only stark at first glance. A second glance shows that the hardness
is a friendly hardness: because of the reflections that the material
admits; because of the grid of the large-format sheets, to
which the brightly gleaming drill-holes that cover the walls like fine
gossamer respond; because of circular apertures that allow light to
shine outwards after dark; because of large, rectangular windows
in the receding corners that create a contrast with the closed quality
of the building.
Inside the starkness gives way altogether: a light space, which
one comes into through an artfully designed entrance. Originally a
sparse covering for the space, which thrives mainly because of the
light material – birch wood –, because of the arrangement of the
pews, which is as lively as it is peaceful – segments of circles of
different sizes, surrounding the dark syenite altar block in the form
of an open circle – and especially because of the wide range of circular
light sources that render the introverted interior transparent,
the large windows that create islands of light, the free-form aperture
in the ceiling, which sends light gliding down on to the altar.
Heinz Tesar’s church continues a tradition of forward-looking
modern church building, from Rudolf Schwarz’s Fronleichnamskirche
in Aachen via Egon Eiermann’s Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche
in Berlin, Franz Füeg’s Piuskirche in Meggen on Lake Lucerne
to the new Herz-Jesu-Kirche in Munich by Allmann, Sattler
and Wappner; and alongside all this there is also the tradition of a
genuinely Viennese development of this theme, from Otto Wagner’s
Kirche am Steinhof to Ottokar Uhl’s parish church Katharina von
Immo Boyken is Professor of architectural history, surveying and
design in Konstanz. He had a major involvement in the great monograph
on the works of Egon Eiermann, and has also written
a monograph on Otto Ernst Schweizer, as well as other works about
modern architecture. Christian Richters studied at the Folkwangschule
in Essen. He is one of the most sought-after architectural
photographers in Europe today.


Titel: Heinz Tesar, "Christus Hoffnung der Welt", Donau City, Wien
Weitere Mitwirkende: Christian Richters, Immo Boyken
Ausgabe: Neuausgabe

ISBN/EAN: 9783930698424

Seitenzahl: 56
Format: 30 x 28 cm
Produktform: Buch
Sprache: Englisch, Deutsch

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