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Industry, Competitiveness and Technological Capabilities in Chile

A New Tiger from Latin America?

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Chile's export diversification and industrial development since 1974 represents a laboratory case of market liberalization based on neoclassical principles. Advocated by the World Bank as the chief development strategy for most developing countries, Chile implemented what the World Bank is recommending as the lesson of East Asia. The book examines whether the continuous implementation of these policies since 1974 turned Chile into a Tiger. This book investigates these issues in detail with original evidence and analyses at the macro, industrial and microeconomic levels.


Titel: Industry, Competitiveness and Technological Capabilities in Chile
Autoren/Herausgeber: Carlo Pietrobelli
Ausgabe: 1998

ISBN/EAN: 9780312177423

Seitenzahl: 239
Format: 21,6 x 14 cm
Produktform: Hardcover/Gebunden
Gewicht: 480 g
Sprache: Englisch

Carlo Pietrobelli is a Lead Specialist in the Competitiveness and Innovation Division of the Inter-American Development Bank. Prior to joining the IDB, he was Professor of Economics at the University of Roma Tre and Director of the Center for Studies on the Economics of Institutions (CREI). He also served as Deputy Rector for University-Industry linkages at the same university. He holds a PhD in Economics from Oxford University and has worked as policy advisor for international organizations like the European Commission, the World Bank, IFAD, UNIDO, UNCTAD, ECLAC, CAF, and OECD in many countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. His research interests include innovation and technological change, industrial policy, international trade, clusters and value chains in developing countries. His research has been published in many academic journals and books with Harvard University Press, Edward Elgar and Routledge. At the IDB he designs and manages programs to promote competitiveness and in

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