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Introduction to IP Address Management

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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A step-by-step guide to managing critical technologies oftoday's converged services IP networks
Effective IP Address Management (IPAM) has become crucial tomaintaining high-performing IP services such as data, video, andvoice over IP. This book provides a concise introduction to thethree core IPAM networking technologies--IPv4 and IPv6addressing, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), and DomainName System (DNS)--as well as IPAM practice and techniquesneeded to manage them cohesively.
The book begins with a basic overview of IP networking,including a discussion of protocol layering, addressing, androuting. After a review of the IPAM technologies, the bookintroduces the major components, motivation, benefits, and basicapproaches of IPAM. Emphasizing the necessity of a disciplined"network management" approach to IPAM, the subsequent chaptersenable you to:
* Understand IPAM practices, including managing your IP addressinventory and tracking of address transactions (such as allocationand splitting address space, discovering network occupancy, andmanaging faults and performance)
* Weigh the costs and justifications for properly implementing anIPAM strategy
* Use various approaches to automating IPAM functions throughworkflow
* Learn about IPv4-IPv6 co-existence technologies andapproaches
* Assess security issues with DHCP network access controlapproaches and DNS vulnerabilities and mitigation includingDNSSEC
* Evaluate the business case for IPAM, which includes derivationof the business case cost basis, identification of savings whenusing an IP address management system, associated costs, andfinally net results
Introduction to IP Address Management concludes with abusiness case example, providing a real-world financial perspectiveof the costs and benefits of implementing an IP address managementsolution. No other book covers all these subjects cohesively from anetwork management perspective, which makes this volume imperativefor manager-level networking professionals who need a broadunderstanding of both the technical and business aspects of IPAM.In addition, technologists interested in IP networking and addressmanagement will find this book valuable.
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Titel: Introduction to IP Address Management
Autoren/Herausgeber: Timothy Rooney
Aus der Reihe: IEEE Press Series on Network Management
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9781118073803

Seitenzahl: 264
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

Timothy Rooney has worked with IP technologies in various capacities over the last sixteen years, including systems engineering and development. He has an extensive background not only in IP, but also in telecommunications, wireless services, and software, having worked at Bell Laboratories, AT&T Wireless, Lucent Technologies, and BT. In his current role as Director of Product Management with BT Diamond IP, Rooney is responsible for the overall BT Diamond IP product lifecycle, managing product features and releases, as well as supporting sales and marketing.

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