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Joy of Encouragement

Unlock the Power of Building Others Up

E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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The Greatest Healing Agent Known to Mankind What is loneliness but the echo of an unanswered cry for love? What is the wounded soul but one aching for hope? Although most people have not received a minute's training in medicine, everyone can offer anyone the greatest power of healing available: that of encouragement. In this readable, practical, and enjoyable book, popular pastor, author, and radio minister Dr. David Jeremiah examines the heart of encouragementself-giving, genuine loveand shows how we can eagerly, easily lift up those around us. An encouragement itself, The Joy of Encouragement is scriptural and uplifting, enabling you to bask in God's love while simultaneously giving it away. The world is about to be radically reshapedone word at a time. What is loneliness but an unanswered cry for love? Lift Up the Defeated What is a wounded soul but one aching for hope? Redirect a Life You wield the power to heal the hurting. You hold the words to affirm the doubting. In this readable, practical, and enjoyable book, Dr. David Jeremiah examines the heart of self-giving, genuine loveand shows how you can easily, readily, and simply offer healing and life to those around youto your family, friends, neighbors, and even perfect strangers. Scriptural and uplifting, The Joy of Encouragement is an uplift in itself. You'll find yourself basking in God's love while giving it away. Change the worldone word at a time.Praise for The Joy of Encouragement';If you need a fresh start, a new beginning, a renewed hope, then this is the book for you.' Joseph Aldrich, former president, Multnomah Bible College ';Do any two elements of life go together more naturally than hope and encouragement? David Jeremiah offers both in The Joy of Encouragement. Highly recommended.' Bruce Wilkinson, bestselling author ';A compelling call for us to infect our despairing and discouraged world with hope and encouragement. This is a strategic book for those of us who want to be used as helpers and healers on behalf of Christ.' Joseph Stowell, senior teaching pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel and seventh president, Moody Bible Institute


Titel: Joy of Encouragement
Autoren/Herausgeber: Dr. David Jeremiah

ISBN/EAN: 9780307831309

Seitenzahl: 208
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

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