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LEARN WHILE YOU SLEEP. Quickly, simply and effectively. Learn languages through subliminal learning. Learn foreign languages without an accent. Learn texts and vocabulary without swotting.

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The technique of sleep-learning, first researched in the US, has been refined by Tony Gaschler into a modern and multifunctional sleep-learning method.
For every self-educated person this method is an absolute MUST. Who wants to miss the opportunity of learning more easily, faster, with less effort, and keep pace with the challenges of today's age of rapid innovation?
With LEARN WHILE YOU SLEEP by Tony Gaschler, you have a highly-effective method for sleep-learning available to you, which facilitates the learning of foreign languages, new concepts, formulae etc., all without any conscious effort at all and which enables you to embed everything you have learned permanently in your memory.
LEARN WHILE YOU SLEEP does not contain any recorded learning material. For these we recommend high-class sources which provide the appropriate materials, e. g. a professional supplier of language courses (including recorded vocabulary and texts) which provides a selection of languages ideally suited for sleep-learning.
No matter what subject you want to master – with the sleep-learn technique of LEARN WHILE YOU SLEEP, you will learn easily and without any effort at all.
Everything that you want to or have to learn can be learned for the most part during your sleep, whether it be the learning of languages or any other kind of knowledge.
Usually we allow ourselves eight hours sleep each night. By the time you are celebrating your 60th birthday, you will have spent about 20 years in bed!
Therefore, don’t restrict your learning just to the daytime – use the night for learning, too!
Without damaging your health or your well-being, you can now use part of this night time to deepen and strengthen your knowledge and skills considerably.
There are no limits placed on your learning objectives, here are just a few examples of where this new technique can help you:
- Learn new languages and vocabulary without any accent
- Learn the dialects
- Improve grammar and style
- Prepare for exams
- Learn formulae and texts
- Absorb other specialist knowledge
Learning more, for example in the area of foreign languages, is also of great importance for advanced learners. You can perfect your grasp of style, expression, grammatical combinations and word order.
It is possible to store texts to be learned in your subconscious mind during sleep, and it is also possible to store new ideas there. In a specific sleep sequence, receptivity for new concepts is particularly good. This sequence is optimally used to remove negative habits and inhibitory patterns of behaviour and also to replace these with positive characteristics. The possibilities here are also varied, Here are just a few examples:
- Improving memory
- Weight optimisation - overweight/underweight
- Strengthening self-confidence and improving self-awareness
- Improving performance and stamina
- Improving strength, relaxation and inner peace
The text book “Learn while you Sleep" provides you with the most useful examples of pre-defined sleep suggestions from which you can choose according to your requirements.
Even when you are sleeping your brain is still working and is able to store subject matter virtually without limit. And because you are not subject to any performance pressures when sleeping, there is no feeling of reluctance or resistance. The material to be learned is automatically stored in your subconscious mind without sacrificing your need for healthy sleep. You combine pleasure with benefits in a perfect way, by deepening your knowledge and extending your skills when asleep. Nowadays, knowledge and skills are vital in many industries and walks of life.
When awake all you have to do is recall what you learned when asleep, by working it over again in your mind. It is like freshening up what you have already learned way back and it will feel like just repeating things you knew before. Learning is easier and quicker!
When learning during your sleep, it is not necessary to concentrate on the subject matter. It is not possible to become distracted or let your thoughts wander. External distractions and interruptions and an inability to concentrate are eliminated when you learn while sleeping.
It has been a long journey from the ancient Egyptians‘ secret sleep temples to learning when asleep with its modern techniques. Even before the Second World War, scientists at American universities and other institutes tried to prove that the human brain is capable of learning when sleeping. It is as though this technique had been deliberately kept secret for a long time, because the media has only in the last few years started reporting regularly about the successes of learning while asleep.
The American defense organisation 0.S.S. (0ffice of Strategic Services) was already using the learn while you sleep method during the Second World War. Its agents learned during their sleep about the dialects, accents, habits, customs and information about the countries to which they were to be deployed.
Learning while asleep is thus no longer an Utopian ideal.
All over the world, research on the different methods of learning during sleep is taking place at scientific institutes.
The star of radio and television, Art Linkletter, learned Mandarin Chinese (the most difficult language in the world) in only ten nights of sleep study. During a television show he was able to converse so excellently with the Chinese Consul, that the latter remarked that Linkletter could hold a perfect conversation with anyone who spoke Mandarin Chinese.
The Chrysler Corporation is one of the big companies which uses sleep-learning in order to train its best managers and sales experts. The method is extraordinarily effective.
Diana St. Germaine, former model from Redwood City, managed to lose 31 pounds in only 3 months. Her secret: Sleep Suggestion, a variation of sleep-learning. Other celebrities for whom a good figure is also vitally important, report similar success stories.
Tony Gaschler's manual gives a systematic introduction into the theoretical, practical and technical basics of sleep-learning. Moreover, you will get several hands-on instructions for your own sleep-learning experiments. You will easily discover how precious as well as helpful this method is.


Titel: LEARN WHILE YOU SLEEP. Quickly, simply and effectively. Learn languages through subliminal learning. Learn foreign languages without an accent. Learn texts and vocabulary without swotting.
Autoren/Herausgeber: Tony Gaschler
Ausgabe: 1., Aufl.

ISBN/EAN: 9783936612370

Seitenzahl: 80
Format: 28 x 20,2 cm
Produktform: Hardcover/Gebunden
Gewicht: 420 g
Sprache: Englisch

Tony Gaschler was born on 1 April 1925 in Zwiesel, Germany/Bavaria. In his younger years, he was already quite interested in the natural sciences and the humanities. His primary focus was on physics, psychology, and the healing arts. His rich uncle thus decided to pay for his university studies. However, his severe stuttering, an affliction Tony Gaschler suffered from since early childhood, prevented this. That left him with only one choice: He became a successful autodidact and acquired the necessary knowledge and skills through intensive self-study. He studied numerous technical books and self-instructional methods. The associated required practical skills he acquired through numerous self-experiments. He earned a living by selling his own instructional leaflets and self-instruction methods.
The self-instruction method MODERN HYPNOSIS TECHNIQUE was an especially great success for Tony Gaschler and he received a flood of testimonials and thank you letters from all over the world. However, his stuttering and the associated other problems for living a free and unhindered life still prevented him from achieving any true personal success. He was unable to lecture freely in front of a group or appear confident and self-assured. How Tony Gaschler solved this problem in such a wonderful way and manner is truly a success story and testament to the effectiveness of his methods - he turned from a severely emotionally inhibited stutterer into a well-liked, popular, successful, and confident training facilitator and lecturer.
Tony Gaschler talks about this in his own words: "I actually made a pretty good living. I wrote and sold my printed works quite successfully. And I was completely unhappy. I always felt my feeling of confidence and self-worth dropping when attending group courses or seminars and sensed that I was missing something. My wish to conduct training seminars and to speak freely, confidently, and convincingly in front of people became stronger and stronger. My vast knowledge and valuable skills were perfect for lecturing. And that made me decide not to write anything new until I was able to talk freely, confidently, and convincingly in front of a group of people. And I stuck with this decision. It took me a whole year to develop, test, and systematically use my own liberation method. And the result was simply astonishing for my friends and I: I was actually able to act and speak freely, self-assuredly, and confidently in front of anybody and in any situation."
These experiences were integrated into Tony Gaschler's first bestseller: The EMOTIONAL DISINHIBITION METHOD. This modern self-instruction method was published in 1962 and has reached a total circulation of almost 100 000 copies. Countless success reports and thank you letters confirm the liberating effect of this self-help method in the elimination of all types of emotional, psychological, and social feelings of inhibition and constraint.
The EMOTIONAL DISINHIBITION METHOD has been published with an additional learning CD since 2003 and is published under the title "EE METHOD" since 2004.
Tony Gaschler continues to develop successful and practical self-help methods such as "Learn While You Sleep" or "Self-Hypnosis", "Mosati Somatization", "Smoke-Free Through Autogenous Hypnosis", among others.
Today, Tony Gaschler is a freelance writer and lives in Kolbermoor near Rosenheim, Germany/Bavaria.

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