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Lead-Zinc Symposium 2015 (Pb-Zn 2015)

Proceedings, Volume 1 // Lead and Zinc – HSE practices, By-product treatment and strategic metals recovery technologies, Zinc and lead mines and ores aspects / Lead – Aspects of modern primary Lead smelting technolo-gies, Secondary Lead production, Lead refining, downstream processing and applications, Lead Process fundamentals, modelling and new processes, Lead downstream processing and applications

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Table of Contents – Volume 1
Lead and Zinc
HSE practics
Lead them, but don’t lead them – Lead in analytics and blood lead 5
analytics at Aurubis
Dr. rer. nat. Martin Beran
Metals – an update on managing occupational health risks 17
Dr. Margot Lakemeyer
Practical solutions for minimizing the Cd occupational exposure risk 19
in the Zn/Cd industry
Dr. Noömi Lombaert, Dr. Frank Van Assche, Ir. Mik Gilles
Mobility in Ground-water Environment of ZnS Contained in 31
Pyrometallurgical Zn-Pb Dust
Katarzyna Nowinska, Zdzislaw Adamczy
Current situation and development of regulatory activities 41
Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Buch
By-product treatment and strategic metals recovery technologies
Recovery of lead in copper smelters of KGHM Polska Miedz S.A. 53
Ryszard Prajsnar, Józef Czernecki, Zbigniew Gostynski, Robert Bialy
Sustainable ways to recycle metallurgical residues in the 21st century 65
Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont. Christoph Pichler and Doz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.mont Jürgen Antrekowitsch
Feasibility Study on Recycling Lead from Lead Glass through 75
Lead Smelting Process
Zhe-nan Jin, Jian-fang Lv, Hong-ying Yang, Lin-Lin Tong, Guo-Bao Chen, Jun-peng Wang
Metals Recovery of Cements – Juiz de Fora, Brazil 87
Ing. Sérgio de A. Penchel Jr, M.Sc. Tone Takayama, Ing. Maria José Dias, Ing. Livia Mello
Outsourcing of lead and zinc by-product treatment: A win-win-win scenario 97
Colton E. Bangs, Christina E.M. Meskers, Dimitri Van Uytfange, Stijn Foerier
Hydrometallurgical Recovery of Manganese, Zinc and Lead from 109
Pyrometallurgy Sludge
Ph.D. Student Julien Mocellin, Ph.D. Guy Mercier, Ph.D. Jean-Louis Morel,
Ph.D. Jean-François Blais, Ph.D Marie-Odile Simonnot
Recycling potential of precious metals from zinc, lead and 121
copper containing residues
Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Stefan Steinlechner, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Jürgen Antrekowitsch
Development of Secondary Antimony Oxides for the Application 139
in Plastic Products
M.Sc. Florian Binz, Prof. Dr. Ing. Dr. h.c. Bernd Friedrich
A case study on indium recovery from by-product lead alloy 147
Andrzej Chmielarz, Ryszard Prajsnar, Zbigniew Szolomicki, Ksawery Becker,
Waldemar Pietrek
The Improvement of Bismuth Recovery 159
F. Ogino, T. Fukaya, M. Nishiwaki
ECOLEADTM process: a clean technology to recover Lead 171
and Silver from residues.
E. Pecharromán, C. Álvarez, M. Frades, M.T. Pinedo, G. Díaz, A. Staley,
J. Pusateri, E. Johnson
30 years of recycling of Zinc and Lead Bearing Materials 185
at HYDROMETAL (Belgium).
Philippe Henry
Treatment of complex scrap at Metallo-Chimique 191
M. Chintinne, S. Smets, B. Coletti, C. Geenen
Zinc and lead mines and ores aspects
Selective comminution for pre-concentration at mineral processing 203
Dipl.-Ing. Max Hesse, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Holger Lieberwirth
Selective Flotation Optimization of Sphalerite from Lead and 213
Zinc Ore Complex (sulphide-oxide)
Masoud Kashani, Hossein Zarei, Mehdi Safari
The Mineral Processing Study for a Cu-Pb-Zinc Ore with Carbon 227
Rongsheng Wang, Chuanbing Yu, Bingzi Zhou, Mingan Wei, Lei Song
Aspects of modern primary Lead smelting technologies
Lead ISASMELT™ Operations at Ust-Kamenogorsk 245
A. S. Burrows, T. Azekenov, R. Zatayev
Drying Blended Concentrates by Kumera Steam Dryer 257
for Kivcet Lead Flash Smelting
Shaolong Chen, Carl-Gustav Berg, Hannu Mansikkaviita, Wang Dezi, Zhang Rong
Isasmelt™-based Reconstruction of a Lead Plant 267
Dr.-Ing. Andrej Avrachov, Dipl.-Ing. Pavel Saltykov,Dipl.-Ing. Jörg J. F. Strecker,
Dr.-Ing. Albin Dobersek, Dipl.-Ing. Turarbek A. Azekenov, Dr.-Ing. Sergey N. Moskalenko
The Research and Engineering Practice of the Lead Oxygen-enriched 273
Flash Smelting
Chengyan Wang, Fei Yin, Wei Gao, Baozhong Ma
Upgrade of QSL Furnace Pulverised Coal Feed at Korea Zinc 285
M. E. Coleman
Secondary Lead production
Development of Polypropylene Recycling from Lead Acid Batteries 301
for Blast Furnace Operation
Zdenek Kunicky
Improvements in Secondary Lead Smelting 307
M. Maccagni, J. Nielsen
Energy consideration at MRU GmbH in Freiberg – a lead recycler with 317
integrated hazardous waste incinerator and plastic compounding
Dr.-Ing. M. Fischer, Dr.-Ing. L. Raabe
Lead refining, downstream processing and applications
Operational Improvements at Kosaka Lead Refinery 329
K. Nishigaki, S. Nakagawara, K. Ichiya
The Optimization of Takehara Lead Refinery Operation 345
Makoto Hamamoto, Kazuya Hatcho, Makoto Narita, Shintato Udo,
Hironaga Okano, Masashi Tottori
Electrolytic Refining of Lead from Secondary Material using 361
Sulfamate Electrolyte
Kota Nakashima, Shojiro Usui, Hidetoshi Sasaoka
Effect of Various Conditions in the Lead Electrolytic Process 375
Takayuki Kitano, Nobuhiro Shima, Naoki Hashimoto
Lead oxide battery grade synthesis via formation and decomposition 389
of lead citrate
Dr.-Ing. Srecko Stopic, Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Träger, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h. c. Bernd Friedrich
Lead Process fundamentals, modelling and new processes
The FLUBOR® Process: Pilot Tests Results 399
M. Maccagni, J. Nielsen, T. Hymer
The Lead Acid Battery Paste Electrowinning with the FAST Pb Process 407
M. Maccagni, J. Nielsen
Wear of Refractory Linings in the Lead and Zinc Industry 415
Dr. Dean Gregurek, Dr. Christian Majcenovic, Dr. Christine Wenzl, Ing. Alfred Spanring
Thermo mechanical analysis of a Lead-rotary furnace with 427
Finite Element Simulation
H. U. Marschall, D. Kreuzer, A. Spanring
Computer Fluid Dynamic simulations of the tapping process in a 441
lead short rotary furnace
Wagner Moulin Silva, Bruno Augusto Batista Ribeiro
Understanding matte formation using the Ellingham diagram for sulphides 451
Dr. Sander Arnout, Dr. Els Nagels
The Lead Anode in Galvano Technique – A High Tech Operating Resource? 461
Bernd Böttcher, Wolfgang Bähre, Dr. Franz Martin Knoop
Lead downstream processing and applications
Future Requirements for Lead Based Materials in the Battery Industry 477
Timothy W. Ellis, R. David Prengaman
The Need for the Sustainable and Responsible Recycling of Lead 483
Brian K. Wycklendt, Dr. Frank Toubartz
European Lead Oxide Market – Trends in Demand and Consequences for the 491
Oxide Producers
David Hardy


Titel: Lead-Zinc Symposium 2015 (Pb-Zn 2015)
Weitere Mitwirkende: Ulrich Waschki
Ausgabe: Neuausgabe

ISBN/EAN: 9783940276643

Seitenzahl: 522
Format: 21 x 14,8 cm
Sprache: Englisch

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