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Life On The Mississippi

Read Books Ltd.,
E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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Contents include: CHAPTER I. - THE RIVER AND ITS HISTORY. The Mississippi is Well worth Beading about It is Beraarkable Instead of Widening towards its Mouth, it grows Narrower It Emptiesfour hundred and six million Tons of Mud It was Hrst Seen in1542 It is Older than some Pages in European History Be So to has the Poll Older than the Atlantic Coast Some Halfbreeds chip in La Sa He Thinks he will Take a Hand. CHAPTER II. - THE RIVER AND ITS EXPLORERS. La Salle again Appears, and so does a Catfish Bufaloes also Some Indian Paintings are Seen on the Rocks The Father of Waters does not Flow into the Pacific More History and Indians Some Curious Performances, not Daily English Natchez, or the Site of it, is Approached. CHAPTER III. - FRESCOES FROM THE PAST. A little History Early Commerce Coal Fleets and Timber Rafts We start on a Voyage I seek Information Some Music The Trouble begins Tall Talk The Child of Calamity Ground and lofty Tumbling The Washup Business and Statistics Mysterious Band Thunder and Lightning The Captain speaks AUbright weep The Mystery settled ChaffI am Discovered Some Artwork proposed I give an Account of Myself Released. CHAPTER IV - THE BOYS AMBITION. CHAPTER V - I WANT TO BE A CUB PILOT. CHAPTER VI - CUB PILOTS EXPERIENCE. CHAPTER VII - A DARING DEED. CHAPTER VIII - PERPLEXING LESSONS. CHAPTER IX - CONTINUED PERPLEXITIES. CHAPTER X. - COMPLETING MY EDUCATION. CHAPTER XI. - THE RIVER RISES. CHAPTER XII. - SOUNDING. CHAPTER XIII- A PILOTS NEEDS. CHAPTER XIV. - RANK AND DIGNITY OF PILOTING. CHAPTER XV. - THE PILOTS MONOPOLY.


Titel: Life On The Mississippi
Autoren/Herausgeber: Mark Twain

ISBN/EAN: 9781473374195

Seitenzahl: 646
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

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