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Life and Work of Thomas MacGreevy

A Critical Reappraisal

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Asa poet and literary critic, Thomas MacGreevy is a central force in Irishmodernism and a crucial facilitator in the lives of key modernist writers andartists. The extent of his legacy and contribution to modernism is revealed forthe first time in The Life and Work of Thomas MacGreevy. Splitinto four sections, the volume explains how and where MacGreevy made hisimpact: in his poetry; his role as a literary and art critic; during his timein Dublin, London and Paris and through his relationships with James Joyce,Samuel Beckett, Wallace Stevens, Jack B Yeats and WB Yeats. With access to the Thomas MacGreevy Archive, contributorsdraw on letters, his early poetry, and contributions to art and literaryjournals, to better understand the first champion of Jack B. Yeats, andBeckett's chief correspondent and closest friend in the 1930s. This much-needed reappraisal of MacGreevy,the linchpin between the main modernist writers, fills missing gaps, not onlyin the story of Irish modernism, but in the wider history of the movement.


Titel: Life and Work of Thomas MacGreevy
Aus der Reihe: Historicizing Modernism

ISBN/EAN: 9781441122285

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