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Love Me, Hurt Me: A Husband's Tale of Torture Volume 2,
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I told him to lie on the bed on his back. He did what I had told him to do. I then took the silk rope ties and tied each of his wrists to the bedposts by the headboard and then his ankles to the bedposts at the foot of the bed. Once he was completely secured, I went up to his head and leaned over and whispered in his ear, "e;You are going to experience what real pain is tonight."e; "e;Bring it on bitch!"e; He said in his cocky voice. "e;Oh I plan on it."e; I whispered back in his ear. My husband was going to be in for one hell of an eye opening experience, I thought to myself. He has no idea of what I have in store for him. I will be giving him an education in pain.


Titel: Love Me, Hurt Me: A Husband's Tale of Torture Volume 2
Autoren/Herausgeber: Candy Kross

ISBN/EAN: 9781312179608

Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch - Newsletter
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