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Male Alopecia

Guide to Successful Management

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Grounded in scientific reality rather than snake-oil speculation, this work provides specialists and primary care physicians with practical know-how on the diagnostic approaches and treatment options for a variety of conditions involving male alopecia.


Titel: Male Alopecia
Autoren/Herausgeber: Ralph M. Trüeb, Won-Soo Lee
Ausgabe: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 2014

ISBN/EAN: 9783319349749

Seitenzahl: 283
Format: 25,4 x 17,8 cm
Produktform: Taschenbuch/Softcover
Gewicht: 676 g
Sprache: Englisch

Ralph M. Trüeb is Professor of Dermatology. He received his MD and Swiss Board Certification for Dermatology and Venereology as well as for Allergology and Clinical Immunology from the University of Zurich, Switzerland. In 1994–1995 he spent a year at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas with Rick Sontheimer and at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in Dallas with Bruce Beutler to complete his Fellowship in Immunodermatology. After 20 years of tenure at the Department of Dermatology, University Hospital of Zurich, where he established and was head of the Hair Consultation Clinic, he established in 2010 his private Center for Dermatology and Hair Diseases in Zurich-Wallisellen. He is past President of the European Hair Research Society (2008–2011). His clinical research interests focus on hair loss, inflammatory phenomena, hair aging and anti-aging, and patient expectation management. He is currently author of 180 peer-reviewed scientific publications and author or editor of a number of textbooks on hair, including the Springer books Male Alopecia: Guide to Successful Management (2014), Female Alopecia (2013) Aging Hair (2010), and Hair Growth and Disorders (2008). Since 2013 the Center for Dermatology and Hair Diseases offers doctors-in-training and dermatologists international traineeships in trichology.Won-Soo Lee is Professor and Chairman of Dermatology at the Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine in Wonju, Korea. He received his medical degree from Yonsei University School of Medicine in Seoul, Korea in 1985 and completed a dermatology residency at Severance Hospital, Yonsei University in 1989. He received his PhD from Yonsei University in 1992. Dr. Lee is Director of the Institute of Hair and Cosmetic Medicine, a research institute he founded to perform clinical and experimental research in association with the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry. His research interests include hair loss, hair photoaging, integral hair lipid, hair cosmetology, and hair neurobiology. He has received 15 national and international awards and honors. He has published more than 180 scientific and medical articles in peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Archives of Dermatology, British Journal of Dermatology, and the Journal of Investigative Dermatology. He is Secretary General of the Korean Hair Research Society and Congress President of the 2014 8th World Congress for Hair Research on Jeju Island, Korea. Dr. Lee is a past Secretary General of the Korean Society of Cosmetic Dermatology.

This monograph provides specialists and primary care physicians who are interested in hair with the practical know-how needed to achieve successful management of male alopecia. Guidance is first provided on the examination of hair loss in men, covering such aspects as clinical examination, the role of trichoscopy and the trichogram, laboratory work-up and scalp biopsy. Diagnosis and treatment are then described in depth for a diverse range of conditions involving alopecia. Expert opinion is combined with the results of evidence-based medicine to provide the best current advice, highlighting the synergistic action of combination regimens and adjuvant treatments and explaining the concept of multitargeted treatment. All aspects of follow-up are covered, including compliance issues and expectation management. The role of hair care and cosmetics is also considered, with identification of potential adverse effects as well as benefits.

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