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Mammalian Olfaction, Reproductive Processes, and Behavior

Elsevier Science,
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Mammalian Olfaction, Reproductive Processes, and Behavior presents the conceptual, methodological, and empirical advances in the study of the complex interactions between nasal chemoreception, sexual behavior, and endocrine function in mammals. It focuses on the orders Artiodactyla, Perissodactyla, Carnivora, Rodentia, and Primates. The book describes techniques for producing anosmia in laboratory animals and the usefulness of the popular pheromone concept in describing chemosensory influences on mammalian behavior and endocrinology. It also reviews studies examining reproductive endocrine-olfactory interactions in humans. Moreover, the book discusses the anatomy, physiology, and development of the olfactory and vomeronasal systems. This book is invaluable to anatomists, endocrinologists, mammalogists, physiologists, psychologists, and zoologists not only as a source book, but as a textbook on chemosensation as well.


Titel: Mammalian Olfaction, Reproductive Processes, and Behavior

ISBN/EAN: 9780323154505

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Produktform: E-Book
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