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Management Training in High-Tech and R&D

Concept for Enterprises under Transition

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Concept of Management Training for Enterprises in High-Tech, Science and R&D, St. Petersburg, Russia, July 1-5, 1996


Titel: Management Training in High-Tech and R&D
Autoren/Herausgeber: C.M. Rob Verkoeyen , A. Nikkonen, Andrei Fursenko (Hrsg.)
Aus der Reihe: NATO Science Partnership Sub-Series: 4
Ausgabe: 1997

ISBN/EAN: 9780792344315

Seitenzahl: 198
Format: 23,5 x 15,5 cm
Produktform: Hardcover/Gebunden
Gewicht: 1,050 g
Sprache: Englisch

Innovative actIvItIes on the development of which Russia puts its hopes for the preservation and successful reconstruction of the former USSR applied science are based on three key factors: funding, infrastructure and management. These factors are of equal significance, however, under today's economic conditions in Russian two latter ones become of critical importance. This determines the range of readers to whom the present book is addressed: - representatives of official institutions both Russian and international in charge of technological and scientific sphere reorganization, high-tech industry conversion, market transformations under transit economies; ~ Western experts, lecturers, consultants participating in the implementation of various bilateral and international programs according to the above mentioned directions; - Russian specialists establishing new high-tech enterprises and organizations and corresponding innovative infrastructure. This book brought to readers' attention includes edited presentations at NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW) "Concept of Management Training for in High-Tech, Science and R&D" (1-5 July, 1996, St.Petersburg, Russia). - Newsletter
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