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Meaningful Workplaces

Reframing How and Where we Work

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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"Anyone who has a position of leadership in your organizationshould read Meaningful Workplaces. From the CEO to thefront-line manager, this book will change the way people thinkabout work. It is truly a must read for people creating theworkplace of the future."
-- Paul Butler, Managing Director and Founder of GlobalEdg(recently retired -- Director Global Learning and OrganizationalDevelopment, Proctor &Gamble/Gillette)
"Meaningful Workplaces is a must-read for today'sworkforce. It sagely advises organizations how to create culturesthat provide a sense of belonging, a feeling of trust, caring, andshared celebration."
-- Dr. Peggy Dolet, Director of Human Resources, American Societyfor Engineering Education
"Chalofsky's Meaningful Workplaces models do a great jobof reframing the discussion about work and values. He providesexcellent examples of organizations that have made measurable andsustainable strides in achieving "integrated wholeness" in today'scompetitive environment. I found it both practical andinsightful."
-- Kimo Kippen former Vice President, Center of Excellence,Marriott International, former Chair, ASTD Board of Governors, andExecutive in Residence at Catholic University
"Dr. Chalofsky captures the essence of what motivates people towork beyond material gain. Grounded in decades of organizationalresearch and practice, it is a source that can be trusted. I highlyrecommend this book to students of organizational studies, companyleaders, and people seeking answers to the questions of what ittakes to create and sustain meaningful work and humaneworkplaces."
-- Dr. Susan Gayle, Chief Administrative Officer, PromontoryInterfinancial Network, LLC
"Chalofsky's experience and expertise shine through as he takesreaders on a journey about how?humanistic organizations lead toincreased joy, passion, learning, personal growth, highperformance, and bottom-line success. This excellent text tiesyears of concepts into a coordinated whole?culture, learning,engagement, motivation, community, and work-life integration.Chalofsky provides concepts, practical approaches, and realisticexamples for?students, leaders, practitioners, andeducators."
-- Dr. Virginia Bianco-Mathis Chair, Department of Management,School of Business, Marymount University, Managing Partner,Strategic Performance Group


Titel: Meaningful Workplaces
Autoren/Herausgeber: Neal E. Chalofsky
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9780470618639

Seitenzahl: 420
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

Neal E. Chalofsky, Ph.D., is a professor and director of theHuman and Organizational Learning Graduate Program at the GeorgeWashington University. He is also an independent consultant and hasworked with a variety of organizations including Mobil Oil, theOrganization of American States, U.S. Department of Education,Computer Sciences Corporation, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, theSmithsonian Institution, Ernst & Young, Inc., the World Bank,and Verizon. He is recognized worldwide as an expert in work-lifeissues and is a regular presenter at national and internationalconferences.

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