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Milestones in Microwave Chemistry

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This book looks back on thirty-five years of microwave (MW)
chemistry and explains how the application of the MW technique became an
integral part of R&D, eventually becoming recognized in industry. Further,
it details how MW chemistry has undergone a dynamic development in the past
three decades, one driven by the advent of increasingly sophisticated
professional MW reactors in place of the kitchen MW ovens used in earlier
years. A major part of the book shows how substitutions, esterifications,
amidations, hydrolyses, alkylations, eliminations, dehydrations, condensations,
cyclizations, C–C couplings and the modification of heterocycles can be
performed advantageously under MW irradiation, as the reaction times are
shorter, while the selectivity and yields are higher; it also explains why in
most cases, the reactions can be performed under solvent-free conditions. MW
irradiation within the sphere of organophosphorus chemistry is showcased and
typical reactions, such as the direct derivatization of phosphinic acids,
alkylating esterifications, Diels–Alder reactions, the inverse Wittig-type
reaction, fragmentations, the Arbuzov reaction, the synthesis of
α-hydroxyphosphonates and α-aminophosphonates (the Kabachnik–Fields
condensation), deoxygenations and P–C coupling reactions are described under MW
conditions. In closing, the advantages of MW chemistry such as faster reactions
and the possibility of simplifying the catalytic systems are addressed.


Titel: Milestones in Microwave Chemistry
Autoren/Herausgeber: György Keglevich (Hrsg.)
Aus der Reihe: SpringerBriefs in Green Chemistry for Sustainability
Ausgabe: 1st ed. 2016

ISBN/EAN: 9783319306308

Seitenzahl: 110
Format: 23,5 x 15,5 cm
Produktform: Taschenbuch/Softcover
Gewicht: 197 g
Sprache: Englisch

Prof. György Keglevich was born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1957
and graduated from the Technical University of Budapest in 1981 as a chemical
engineer. He completed his PhD in 1984 and his “Doctor of Chemical Science”
degree in 1994, both in the subject of organophosphorus chemistry. He received
his “Dr. Habil.” degree in 1995 and his DSc in 1994. He served as a Research
Associate at Duke University (Durham, North Carolina) for more than a year with
Professor Louis D. Quin. On two occasions, he was also a Visiting Associate
Professor at the University of Massachusetts.
Prof. Keglevich has worked at the Department of Organic Chemical
Technology since 1981, first as a research employee of the Chinoin
Pharmaceutical and Chemical Works Ltd and from 1982 as a member of the teaching
staff as an Assistant Professor. In 1993, he was appointed Associate Professor.
Since 1996, he has been a Full Professor at the Department of Organic Chemical
Technology. He has headed said department (renamed the Department of Organic
Chemistry and Technology in 2007) since 1999.
Fields of expertise:
Prof. Keglevich has pursued P-heterocyclic research on the
subject of ring enlargement of five-membered P-heterocycles and on the
utilization of the products so obtained. He has also elaborated the synthesis
of a number of families of compounds. Bridged P-heterocycles, precursors of
low-coordinated fragments, were synthesized and utilized in phosphorylations.
The study on the synthesis and reactivity of aromatic phospholes forms another
relevant part of his research. His additional research interests include
Diels–Alder reactions, low-coordinated P-fragments, phosphine-transition metal
complexes, selective reductions, phosphine-boranes, azacrown ethers with
phosphonoalkyl side chains and selective reductions. Recently, he has turned his
attention to environmentally friendly syntheses, and environmentally friendly
chemistry (green chemistry) now informs his research, which encompasses MW
chemistry, the synergism of MW and phase transfer catalysis, ionic liquids, and
the development of new catalysts and monitoring reactions using in situ
He has also taken
part in industrial projects involving the synthesis of pharmaceutical
intermediates and products. He has authored or co-authored ca. 350 papers, the
majority of which appeared in international journals.

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