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Our Broken Sky

A Chaos Theory Novella

E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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In The Wicked We Have Done, readers were introduced to Valerie Crane. But you dont know her the way you think you do. This is her storyValerie has always been different from her identical twin Veda. Tattooed, fiery, and foul-mouthed, Valerie acts on instinct, getting even with anyone who wrongs her passive, sensitive sister.At twenty-two, Veda doesnt want to seek revenge against the three young men who raped her. As for ValVal never could manage her anger well.As far as Val sees it, the Compass Room is simply a quicker way for her to diepayment for the crime she feels no guilt over. There isnt a reason to fight, not until a girl as broken as she is reminds Val of what its like to hopeIncludes a preview of the next Chaos Theory novel, A Vault of SinsPraise for The Wicked We Have Done"e;Holy jawdropping creepy bots! Hot, funny, and terrifying ... ifThe Running ManandThe Hunger Gameshad a baby on steroids: this would be it. You will be glued to each amazingly horrifying page from beginning to end."e; Molly McAdams,New York Timesbestselling authorTHIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! I couldnt put it down! Suspenseful, romantic and thought provoking,The Wicked We Have Donehad me rooting for criminals while pondering morality and questioning humanity. I cant wait for the sequel.Jamie Blair, author ofLeap of FaithA heart-pounding thrill ride!The Wicked We Have Donewill make you gasp, smile and cry an emotional rollercoaster in book form. I absolutely loved it! Susanne Winnacker, author ofImposterSarah Harian is the author of the Chaos Theory series, including The Wicked We Have Done. She received her M.F.A. from Fresno State University. She currently lives in the Sierra Nevadas with her husband and their dog and swears shell never live anywhere other than the forested mountainstheyre too inspiring.


Titel: Our Broken Sky
Autoren/Herausgeber: Sarah Harian

ISBN/EAN: 9780698181908

Seitenzahl: 107
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

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