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PRINCE2 For Dummies, 2009 Edition

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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Whatever your project - no matter how big or small - PRINCE2 ForDummies, 2009 Edition is the perfect guide to using thisproject management method to help ensure its success.
Fully updated with the 2009 practice guidelines, this book willtake you through every step of a project - from planning andestablishing roles to closing and reviewing - offering practicaland easy-to-understand advice on using PRINCE2. It also shows howto use the method when approaching the key concerns of projectmanagement, including setting up effective controls, managingproject risk, managing quality and controlling change. PRINCE2allows you to divide your project into manageable chunks, so youcan make realistic plans and know when resources will be needed.PRINCE2 For Dummies, 2009 Edition provides you with acomprehensive guide to its systems, procedures and language so youcan run efficient and successful projects.
PRINCE2 For Dummies, 2009 Edition includes:
Part I: How PRINCE Can Help You
- Chapter 1: So What's a Project Method and Why Do I Need toUse One?
- Chapter 2: Outlining the Structure of PRINCE2
- Chapter 3: Getting Real Power from PRINCE2
Part II: Working Through Your Project
- Chapter 4: Checking the Idea Before You Start
- Chapter 5: Planning the Whole Project: Initiation
- Chapter 6: Preparing for a Stage in the Project
- Chapter 7: Controlling a Stage
- Chapter 8: Building the Deliverables - the Work of theTeams
- Chapter 9: Finishing the Project
- Chapter 10: Running Effective Project Boards
Part III: Help with PRINCE Project Management
- Chapter 11: Producing and Updating the Business Case
- Chapter 12: Deciding Roles and Responsibilities
- Chapter 13: Managing Project Quality
- Chapter 14: Planning the Project, Stages, and Work Packages
- Chapter 15: Managing Project Risk
- Chapter 16: Controlling Change and Controlling Versions
- Chapter 17: Monitoring Progress and Setting Up EffectiveControls
Part IV: The Part of Tens
- Chapter 18: Ten Ways to Make PRINCE Work Well
- Chapter 19: Ten Tips for a Good Business Case
- Chapter 20: Ten Things for Successful Project Assurance PartV: Appendices
- Appendix A: Looking into PRINCE Qualifications
- Appendix B: Glossary of the Main PRINCE2 Terms


Titel: PRINCE2 For Dummies, 2009 Edition
Autoren/Herausgeber: Nick Graham
Ausgabe: 2. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9780470667316

Seitenzahl: 392
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

Nick Graham is a director and founder of the project consultancy and training company Inspirandum Ltd and is a member of the Association for Project Management and the Institute of Directors. A qualified teacher and project manager, Nick has long experience in the PRINCE2 method. He delivers project training for private sector and public organisations throughout the UK and worldwide.

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