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Periodic Table of the Elements Poster, DIN A1

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The periodic table shows the most important data relating to each element in a readily understandable and appealing desing. The periodic table poster corresponds with the front of the DIN A4 periodic table.
• Name
• Symbol
• Atomic numberl
• Oxidation states
• Electronegativity (Allred/Rochow)
• Standard atomic weight
• Electronconfiguration
• Melting/Boiling point
• Standard reduction potential
• Radioactivity
In addition, standard states of aggregation, metals and transition metals, nonmetals, metalloids and noble gases are indicated in different colors.
The outstanding print quality, ensures lasting pleasure in use for study and work.
The values given in the periodic table have been validated by the authors by means of the current literature. The list of references can be downloaded on the publishers homepage as a PDF file.


Titel: Periodic Table of the Elements Poster, DIN A1
Autoren/Herausgeber: Sebastian Blumentritt

ISBN/EAN: 9783942530163

Format: 59,4 x 84,1 cm
Produktform: Poster
Gewicht: 130 g
Sprache: Englisch

About blume publishing
blume publishing develops convenient learning aids for scholars and pupils. The learning aids increase the rate of learning, motivation and general view of the subject. Furthermore they increase the results in exams by the use of clever didactic reduction.

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