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Power of Positive Consciousness

The Fun of Freeing Yourself & Creating a Loving World

E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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Would you like to go to your next level of personal development and spiritual growth while helping create what's needed for this challenging new era of positive consciousness? The valuable messages in this important book can inspire you to set yourself free and be who you're destined to be! Teacher, Author, and Spiritual Mastery Specialist Leilani Darling waded through years of dealing with negative issues and positive commitments as she developed her heartfelt intuitive wisdom. Using her unique abilities, she shows you how to bring together the practical transformative energies of self-improvement and spiritual growth. As both an author and a mentor, she goes beyond relying on intellect or religion. Leilani uses her intuitive spiritual guidance to share information that can help you easily solve problems and enjoy life. She also presents the necessity of women empowerment. Do you want to be close friends with inner guidance? Would you like stimulating answers to the question, "e;What is spirituality?"e; With The Power of Positive Consciousness, you'll get clarity on how to be happy and unleash inner strengths. Leilani shows you how to: Free yourself from beliefs that hinder Develop your personal spirituality Unwrap the mysteries of Unconditional Love Experience the power of positivity For true seekers of spiritual growth, Leilani's "e;Supercharge Your Life"e; Our Father prayer method is a fresh approach. It brings forward a strong message of love and gratitude that helps you thrive. The profound wisdom hidden in this prayer provides one of the greatest "e;How To"e; spiritual guides ever created. Humanity is in the process of spiritual enlightenment, and America is ripe for spiritual awakening. Furthermore, people of all nations need appreciation, compassion, and guidance rather than violence and domination. You can help. Leilani explains pathways for a spiritual awakening to a Divine Intelligence within. She says, "e;My vision is for you to use your power of positivity to participate in creating a loving world in humanity's long-awaited era."e; This book describes how to integrate the empowering energy of your Higher Self to help you create loving, positive realities on earth. Individuals can move beyond fear and violence to express unconditional love while they build a paradise based on positive consciousness, one person at a time. With the valuable information in Volume 1 of Leilani's God Is Love series, you can face, erase, and replace problems, including issues with relationships, finances, health, children, career, education, and solving society's problems. The masculine values of self-awareness, rational thinking, and logic have successfully evolved for at least the last five thousand years. Chapter Seven points out why women empowerment, feminine values, and humanized spirituality are essential for the success of this challenging new era. Its foundation is inner happiness and unconditional love. A series of Happiness Workouts is included to help you awaken your positive attitude and abilities to benefit yourself and others more easily, more happily, and with more fun. You'll intensify your connection with the inner energy that's so often ignored. You'll learn how to become free of limitation and go to your next level of development. When you apply Leilani's intuitive ideas, you'll move from being hindered by out-of-date beliefs to feeling empowered as a person who loves life no matter what's going on. You'll feel inspired to take needed steps and experience how love always wins. When you're ready to go to your next level of true happiness, inner power, and commitment to positivity, read The Power of Positive Consciousness, Volume 1 of the God Is Love Series. The Humanized Spirituality she describes frees you to be creative, help others and love life. As Leilani says, "e;Love is loving yourself and using your strengths in loving ways."e;


Titel: Power of Positive Consciousness
Autoren/Herausgeber: J.D. Leilani Darling

ISBN/EAN: 9781483567266

Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

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