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Preparing Teachers for a Changing World

What Teachers Should Learn and Be Able to Do

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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Based on rapid advances in what is known about how people learn andhow to teach effectively, this important book examines the coreconcepts and central pedagogies that should be at the heart of anyteacher education program. Stemming from the results of acommission sponsored by the National Academy of Education,Preparing Teachers for a Changing World recommends thecreation of an informed teacher education curriculum with thecommon elements that represent state-of-the-art standards for theprofession. Written for teacher educators in both traditional andalternative programs, university and school system leaders,teachers, staff development professionals, researchers, andeducational policymakers, the book addresses the key foundationalknowledge for teaching and discusses how to implement thatknowledge within the classroom.
Preparing Teachers for a Changing World recommends that,in addition to strong subject matter knowledge, all new teachershave a basic understanding of how people learn and develop, as wellas how children acquire and use language, which is the currency ofeducation. In addition, the book suggests that teachingprofessionals must be able to apply that knowledge in developingcurriculum that attends to students' needs, the demands of thecontent, and the social purposes of education: in teaching specificsubject matter to diverse students, in managing the classroom,assessing student performance, and using technology in theclassroom.


Titel: Preparing Teachers for a Changing World
Autoren/Herausgeber: Linda Darling-Hammond, John Bransford (Hrsg.)
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9781118501689

Seitenzahl: 632
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

John D. Bransford joined the University of Washington inSeattle in 2003 where he holds the title of the James W. MifflinUniversity Professorship and Professor of Education. Prior to thishe was Centennial Professor of Psychology and Education andcodirector of the Learning Technology Center at VanderbiltUniversity. Early works by Bransford and his colleagues in the1970s included research in the areas of human learning, memory, andproblem solving, and helped shape the "cognitiverevolution" in psychology. Author of seven books and hundredsof articles and presentations, Bransford is an internationallyrenowned scholar in cognition and technology. He and his colleagueshave developed and tested innovative computer, videodisc, CD-ROM,and Internet programs including the Jasper Woodbury Problem SolvingSeries in Mathematics, The Scientists in Action Series, and theLittle Planet Literacy Series--programs that have receivedmany awards.
Linda Darling-Hammond is the Charles E. DucommunProfessor of Education at Stanford University, where she has servedsince 1998 as faculty sponsor for the Stanford Teacher EducationProgram and codirector of the Stanford Educational LeadershipInstitute. While serving as William F. Russell Professor atTeachers College, Columbia University, she was the foundingexecutive director of the National Commission for Teaching andAmerica's Future, the blue-ribbon panel whose 1996 reportWhat Matters Most: Teaching for America's Futurecatalyzed major policy changes to improve the quality of teachingand teacher education. She is past president of the AmericanEducational Research Association. Among her more than 200publications are Teaching as the Learning Profession(coedited with Gary Sykes), recipient of the National StaffDevelopment Council's Outstanding Book Award for 2000, andThe Right to Learn, recipient of the American EducationalResearch Association's Outstanding Book Award for 1998.

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