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Quantum Consciousness

Natural foundations of a theory of evolutionary quantum consciousness

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Usually, the term „consciousness“ is associated with higher, cognitive performance. However, in the course of this dialogue the authors referred to by their chosen syntax and semantics, consciousness was assigned to in accordance with information-processing, as a principle of quantum physics.
Everything, that exists in this world, that is all quantum objects, are in principle integrated into this process. Information, fluctuation and decoherence, entanglement and evolution included, have congruently been regarded as elementary. With these ingredients it is possible to produce a matter-containing reality in a 4-dimensional world.
Consciousness is associated with something alive, imminently sensed by someone´s life-experience. There is however evidence in the geological history of our Earth that inorganic matter existed earlier than living matter.
A metric-free vacuum as a non-local physical field (not belonging to the space-time) contains nothing except the information that is equivalent to energy or matter. If, from a quantum-theoretical point of view, a kind of spiritual interaction of all quantum objects with the metric-free vacuum is possible, then the question compulsorily arises, whether not non-organic matter must have consciousness, too.


Titel: Quantum Consciousness
Autoren/Herausgeber: Norbert Wrobel, Klaus-Dieter Sedlacek
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9783738627503

Seitenzahl: 148
Format: 19 x 12 cm
Gewicht: 164 g
Sprache: Englisch

Norbert Wrobel:
Norbert Wrobel, living in Berlin, studied medicine and approved in 1984 as a doctor. In a wide-ranging academic basic training at the Free University of Berlin, he subsequently specialized in the fields below internal medicine, intensive care and emergency medicine and later in geriatrics, and has since then been active in the in-patient care. Because of changes in society that produces more and more elderly people, health professionals are constitutively faced with new, unfamiliar and complex situations. This subject, however, to this day, is an out-dated mechanistic-physical way of thinking that has developed more than a hundred years ago. Norbert Wrobel has therefore made himself up to move away from this way of thinking and to explore, what actually holds the world together in its innermost.
Klaus-Dieter Sedlacek:
The mathematician Klaus-Dieter Sedlacek, born in 1948, has lived in southern Germany since his childhood. He studied mathematics and computer sciences in addition with physics. After graduating in 1975, and some years of professional experience, he founded his own company which dealt with the development of application software. He run his business for more than twenty-five years. In the second half of his life he has devoted himself to his private research projects. He has set himself the task to investigate deeper the physics of information, meaning and consciousness, in order to reach a wider audience. In 2008 he published a startling fiction book entitled: 'Immortal consciousness - spacetime phenomena, evidence and visions'.

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