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Rapid Manufacturing

An Industrial Revolution for the Digital Age

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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Rapid Manufacturing is a new area of manufacturing developed from afamily of technologies known as Rapid Prototyping. These processeshave already had the effect of both improving products and reducingtheir development time; this in turn resulted in the development ofthe technology of Rapid Tooling, which implemented RapidPrototyping techniques to improve its own processes. RapidManufacturing has developed as the next stage, in which the needfor tooling is eliminated. It has been shown that it iseconomically feasible to use existing commercial Rapid Prototypingsystems to manufacture series parts in quantities of up to 20,000and customised parts in quantities of hundreds of thousands. Thisform of manufacturing can be incredibly cost-effective and theprocess is far more flexible than conventional manufacturing.
Rapid Manufacturing: An Industrial Revolution for the DigitalAge addresses the academic fundamentals of Rapid Manufacturingas well as focussing on case studies and applications across a widerange of industry sectors. As a technology that allowsmanufacturers to create products without tools, it enablespreviously impossible geometries to be made. This book is abundantwith images depicting the fantastic array of products that are nowbeing commercially manufactured using these technologies.
* Includes contributions from leading researchers working at theforefront of industry.
* Features detailed illustrations throughout.
Rapid Manufacturing: An Industrial Revolution for the DigitalAge is a groundbreaking text that provides excellent coverageof this fast emerging industry. It will interest manufacturingindustry practitioners in research and development, product designand materials science, as well as having a theoretical appeal toresearchers and post-graduate students in manufacturingengineering, product design, CAD/CAM and CIFM.


Titel: Rapid Manufacturing
Autoren/Herausgeber: Neil Hopkinson, Richard Hague, Philip Dickens (Hrsg.)
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9780470032862

Seitenzahl: 304
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

Neil Hopkinson is a lecturer in the Wolfson School ofMechanical and Manufacturing Engineering at LoughboroughUniversity, UK. Having obtained his PhD in Rapid Tooling in 1999,Neil began to look into the economic viability of RapidManufacturing. Inspired by the findings of this research Neil beganto investigate lowcost, high-speed Rapid Manufacturing processeswhile also focusing his research on material properties inpowder-based layer manufacturing processes. To date Neil hassecured over £1 million of research funding and published over40 journal/conference papers; he was also an invited visitinglecturer at the University of Queensland in Australia.
Phill Dickens is Professor of Manufacturing Technologyand Director of the Innovative Manufacturing and ConstructionResearch Centre at Loughborough University, UK. He is alsoAssociate Dean of Research for the Engineering Faculty. Phillstarted work in the area of Rapid Prototyping in 1990, working onprocesses such as 3D Welding and using copper coated SL models aselectrodes for EDM. The research work has changed emphasis sincethen from Rapid Prototyping to Rapid Tooling and is nowconcentrating on Rapid Manufacturing.
Richard Hague is a Senior Lecturer and Head of the RapidManufacturing Research Group at Loughborough University, UK. He hasbeen involved with Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing (RM)research since 1993, and is now Principal Investigator on severallarge EPSRC, DTI and EU funded research projects. He was alsoinstrumental in setting up and managing the successful RapidManufacturing Consortium that now operates from Loughborough.Richard has many academic publications in the area of RapidManufacturing and is referee to several international academicjournals and conferences. He also holds a patent that was gained aspart of his PhD studies which is licensed to the predominantmanufacturer of Rapid Prototyping equipment (3D Systems Inc.).

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