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Raspberry Pi For Dummies

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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Embrace the exciting new technology of Raspberry Pi!
With the invention of the unique credit-card sized single-boardcomputer, the Raspberry Pi, comes a new wave of hardware geeks,hackers, and hobbyists who are excited about the possibilities ofthe Raspberry Pi, and this is the perfect guide to get you startedin this exhilarating new arena. With this fun and friendly book,you'll quickly discover why the supply for the Pi cannot keep upwith the demand! Veteran tech authors Sean McManus and Mike Cookshow you how to download and install the operating system, use theinstalled applications, and much more.
* Covers connecting the Pi to other devices such as a keyboard,mouse, monitor, and more
* Teaches you basic Linux System Admin
* Walks you through editing images, creating web pages, andplaying music
* Details how to program with Scratch and Python
* Explores creating simple hardware projects
Raspberry Pi For Dummies makes computing as easy aspie.
Now discover the history of Raspberry Pi!
The Raspberry Pi sold a million units in its first year, and camefrom a previously unknown organisation, The Raspberry PiFoundation. If you've ever wondered how it came into being,and what inspired its creation, Sean McManus, co-author ofRaspberry Pi For Dummies, has the answer. He has set up a sectionon his website to share bonus content, which includes a shorthistory of the Raspberry Pi. At Sean's website, you can alsoread reviews of the book, see videos of its projects, and readseveral exclusive blog posts about the Raspberry Pi and itscommunity.
VisitSean's homepage for Raspberry Pi For Dummies here!


Titel: Raspberry Pi For Dummies
Autoren/Herausgeber: Sean McManus, Mike Cook
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9781118554227

Seitenzahl: 432
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

Sean McManus (Uxbridge, UK) is a technology and businessauthor. His books include Microsoft Office for the Older and Wiser,Social Networking for the Older and Wiser, iPad for the Older andWiser, Small Business WebsitesThat Work (Prentice Hall) and theco-authored Customer Service Pocketbook. As a journalist, Sean wasa staff writer at Internet Magazine and has written tutorials andarticles for Internet Works, Business 2.0, and Start and Run YourBusiness. With the introduction of his own blog and website, Seanshares his expertise further, providing readers with exclusivereviews and tips. Visit: http://www.sean.co.uk/books/raspberry-pi-for-dummies/index.shtm
Mike Cook (Manchester, UK) is a veteran tech author and afreelance consultant for all things to do with PhysicalComputing.

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