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Real Women, Real Leaders

Surviving and Succeeding in the Business World

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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Plan your path to leadership with insight from real women at thetop
In Real Women, Real Leadership, twenty-four women leadersdescribe their personal journeys to the top, providing deep insightand a fascinating perspective on "making it" as a woman in themale-dominated business environment. They discuss their experiencesand offer guidance on topics such as balancing family and career,building alliances, mentoring and being mentored, and overcomingobstacles in the business world which is still dominated by men inthe senior levels of management. Drawn from a range of industriesincluding higher education, technology, law, the military,politics, the media, and more, these stories provide the detailsthat every ambitious woman needs to know. You'll learn whichskills, attributes, and relationships served these women best, howthey overcame the obstacles thrown into their paths, and the peoplethey credit as instrumental along the way. A self-assessmentchapter helps you discover your own leadership attributes, anddetermine which skills you need to acquire as you formulate yourown personal roadmap to the top.
There are many books about women who have been excellentleaders, but Real Women, Real Leadership provides thepersonal, relatable testimonials from women who havenavigated the opportunities and pitfalls of the business world.Each story sheds light on women's unique leadership attributes, andprovides guidance for professional women charting their ownprofessional advancement.
* Learn from women leaders in a diverse range of industries
* Discover the leadership attributes that make the biggestimpact
* Gain insight into work/life balance, mentors, relationships,and more
* Discover your leadership strengths and develop a planforward
Studies have shown that companies with three or more women boardmembers dramatically outperform the competition in returns onequity, sales, and invested capital -- yet women only claim atiny percentage of boardroom seats and top executive positions.Why? And why, when they do achieve leadership positions, do womentend to make such outstanding leaders? Real Women, RealLeadership tackles these questions and more from anin-the-trenches perspective to help you become the leader you wantto be.


Titel: Real Women, Real Leaders
Autoren/Herausgeber: Kathleen Hurley, Priscilla Shumway
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9781119061373

Seitenzahl: 208
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

KATHY HURLEY is a veteran of more than forty years in the education industry, where she has served in senior executive positions at Pearson, IBM, and The Learning Company among others. She recently attended Harvard University's Advanced Leadership Initiative and upon completion co-founded a global non-profit called Girls Thinking Global. She has received many industry awards, including induction into the AAP Hall of Fame.
PRISCILLA SHUMWAY is president and principal of New Learning Presentation Systems, a consultancy specializing in learning and development. She is an award-winning presenter who has presented nationally and internationally, observing the challenges and opportunities facing women in business.

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