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Religion and Psychiatry

Beyond Boundaries

Wiley, J,
E-Book ( PDF mit Adobe DRM )
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Religion (and spirituality) is very much alive and shapes thecultural values and aspirations of psychiatrist and patient alike,as does the choice of not identifying with a particularfaith. Patients bring their beliefs and convictions into thedoctor-patient relationship. The challenge for mental healthprofessionals, whatever their own world view, is to develop andrefine their vocabularies such that they truly understand what iscommunicated to them by their patients. Religion andPsychiatry provides psychiatrists with a framework for thisunderstanding and highlights the importance of religion andspirituality in mental well-being.
This book aims to inform and explain, as well as to be thoughtprovoking and even controversial. Patiently and thoroughly,the authors consider why and how, when and where religion (andspirituality) are at stake in the life of psychiatricpatients. The interface between psychiatry and religion isexplored at different levels, varying from daily clinical practiceto conceptual fieldwork. The book covers phenomenology,epidemiology, research data, explanatory models and theories. It also reviews the development of DSM V and its awareness of theimportance of religion and spirituality in mental health.
What can religious traditions learn from each other to assistthe patient? Religion and Psychiatry discusses this,as well as the neurological basis of religious experiences. It describes training programmes that successfully incorporateaspects of religion and demonstrates how different religious andspiritual traditions can be brought together to improve psychiatrictraining and daily practice.
* Describes the relationship of the main world religions withpsychiatry
* Considers training, policy and service delivery
* Provides powerful support for more effective partnershipsbetween psychiatry and religion in day to day clinical care
This is the first time that so many psychiatrists, psychologistsand theologians from all parts of the world and from so manydifferent religious and spiritual backgrounds have worked togetherto produce a book like this one. In that sense, it truly is a WorldPsychiatric Association publication.
Religion and Psychiatry is recommended reading forresidents in psychiatry, postgraduates in theology, psychology andpsychology of religion, researchers in psychiatric epidemiology andtrans-cultural psychiatry, as well as professionals in theology,psychiatry and psychology of religion


Titel: Religion and Psychiatry
Autoren/Herausgeber: Peter Verhagen, Herman M. van Praag, Juan José López-Ibor, John Cox, Driss Moussaoui
Aus der Reihe: World Psychiatric Association

ISBN/EAN: 9780470682210

Seitenzahl: 680
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

Peter J. Verhagen is a graduate of the School of Medicine(1983) and the School of Theology (1988) of the University ofUtrecht, the Netherlands. In 1988 he was registered as apsychiatrist. He is a practicing psychiatrist and theologian, grouppsychotherapist and supervisor (2002) of the Dutch Association forGroup Dynamics and Group Psychotherapy. He is Director of theProgram for the Treatment of Personality Disorders, Meerkanten GGzErmelo/Harderwijk. He is also co-founder and present chair of theWPA Section on Religion, Spirituality and Psychiatry, founded in2003, and Secretary of the Dutch Foundation for Psychiatry andReligion. He is lead editor of the Dutch journal, 'Psyche& Geloof' (Psyche & Faith).
Herman M. van Praag is Professor Emeritus of the DutchUniversities of Groningen, Utrecht, Maastricht, and the AlbertEinstein College of Medicine, New York, USA. He established thefirst department of biological psychiatry in Europe (Groningen) andbecame the first European Professor of Biological Psychiatry in1968. He is well known for his extensive research on the biologicaldeterminants of depression and depressive symptoms for which he wasdecorated many times. He chaired the WPA Section on Religion,Spirituality and Psychiatry.
Juan J. López-Ibor, Jr is Professor and Chairman ofPsychiatry and Director of the Institute for Psychiatry and MentalHealth of the San Carlos Hospital of the Complutense University inMadrid. He is also Director of the World Health OrganizationCollaborating Center for Research and Training in Mental Health,Spain, and Fellow of the Royal National Academy of Medicine ofSpain, Corresponding Fellow of the Royal Academy of Medicine ofZaragoza, and Honorary Fellow of the Spanish Medical ChirurgicalAcademy. He has been Secretary General, President-Elect andPresident of the World Psychiatric Association. He is author, aloneor in collaboration, of 53 books and of 219 chapters in monographsby other authors. He has published more than 330 papers inscientific journals and has presented more than 1,500 papers andcommunications in scientific meetings.
John L. Cox is Professor Emeritus at Keele University andVisiting Professor at the Institute of Psychiatry, London. During his period as President and Dean of the Royal College ofPsychiatrists, he encouraged greater emphasis on internationalmental health, and the bridging of arts and science. He is theImmediate Past Secretary General of the World PsychiatricAssociation. He has a longstanding interest in the relationshipbetween religion, spirituality and mental health, and was the leadeditor of a book based on the work of Paul Tournier. He co-authoredModern Management of Perinatal Mental Disorder, and has publishedwidely in perinatal mental health and transcultural psychiatry.
Driss Moussaoui is the Founder and the Chairman of the IbnRushd University Psychiatric Centre in Casablanca, Morocco, a WHOCollaborating Centre in Mental Health since 1992. He is thePresident-Elect of the World Association of Social Psychiatry and amember of the French Academy of Medicine. He is the Vice-Chair ofthe World Psychiatric Association Section on Spirituality, Religionand Psychiatry. Driss Moussaoui has published (or edited) 10 booksand hundreds of papers in international journals.

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