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Remodel My House: How To Do It Right

Understanding The Process Of Remodeling

E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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Are you living in an older house that is in need of a remodel or are you ready to update your house a bit? If so, you need to have a copy of the book "e;Remodel My House: How To Do It Right."e; This book gives the reader an insight into the world of remodeling and offers the reader advice on what they ought to have in place before they start the remodeling process. The challenge with remodeling is that many individuals fail to think of everything that they need to do before starting the remodel and end up having massive delays or end up having to pay more than they had budgeted for at the end of the day. It may be that they forgot to get the necessary permits or that the wrong contractor was hired. The book gives an overview of the step by step processes that are involved. Remodeling a home does not have to be stressful. With the proper planning and a well organized budget, the remodel can be carried out without a hitch. About the Author: Dwight Chung was interested in what went into fixing up a home from an early age. He was not just interested in how persons could buy a few things to revamp the look of the property but was also interested in the entire remodeling process. To him it was all pretty simple (in his mind) for as far as he knew, once you have the money to do it, you could just go ahead and get it done. Suffice to say that when he got older and had his own home to remodel, he learned that the process involved quite a bit more than that to get things done. From the experience that he had and the challenges that he faced, he made the decision to help others to get through that whole process without undue stress. He provides a book that helps the reader to learn how they should approach the remodeling process. Once they read Dwight's book, they will be able to make better decisions on how to remodel their home in the long run.


Titel: Remodel My House: How To Do It Right
Autoren/Herausgeber: Dwight Chung

ISBN/EAN: 9781630223021

Seitenzahl: 34
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

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