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Sense & Nonsense From The Psychic World

E-Book ( EPUB mit Adobe DRM )
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Francis Lionnet (pr. Lee-yon-nay) was a teenager when he discovered he was psychic. He was soon taken under the wing of an extraordinary, tough-minded teacher. "e;It's one of the most important things that has ever happened to me."e; A Spiritualist medium and mystic, Marie Rawlings was scathing about the nonsense that some believers and mediums brought to the table. She urged him to look higher and deeper: "e;Keep your head above Spiritualism. It's not what it's all about."e;In the years ahead, Francis would develop his gift further, struggle with it, tell it to behave itself and even try to bend it to his will. Once he had finally become more resolved, a little wiser and more at peace with it, he was abruptly propelled into the biggest test of all when his four year-old son, Louis, was diagnosed with cancer. Francis has repeatedly learned that the psychic world can lead to amazing discoveries rich with challenging spiritual implications. He has also learned, time and again, that Marie Rawlings' observations about the nonsense were all too true and shall always remain so. From the beginning, she had impressed upon him that psychic talents are all, at best, of secondary importance. The crucial issue to which Spiritualists are dedicated to proving, namely life-after-death, is also secondary: important, certainly, but merely secondary to the central business of discovering one's spiritual life, one's road to God, of living it through, and responding to its challenges. It is the moral and spiritual implications of psychic phenomena that are important. They are so important that our psychic talents are all but reduced to the status of - and these were Marie's very words - mere tricks if we do not keep these implications constantly in sight. In these pages, we discover: Francis' son Louis: his visit before his birth, the spiritual agenda behind his cancer, and their continued relationship after Louis' death at six. Psychics who were authentic and fraudulent - sometimes both at once. The churchwarden who, even after his death, harbored no doubts about his impeccable credentials: "e;I am Church of England!"e; A school friend who returned to prove that his suicide had been an accident. The 17th Century prisoners of the Inquisition who, in 1983, trudged past Francis in Seville, Spain. A lovable healer and the eccentrics around her. "e;Sometimes there seemed no way I would ever make it to higher planes of consciousness while this-world afflictions, such as Basil's foot rot, were storming up my nostrils"e;. The angry man, jammed in a haunted house after death, who tried to strangle Francis. How to sit with a medium. Don't let them ask questions! Quantum physics, ESP and spirituality - unlikely bedfellows? and plenty more! The Underlying VisionThis world and all the other dimensions may be radically different from one another but they all point to the inner road as being the highway to the Absolute.


Titel: Sense & Nonsense From The Psychic World
Autoren/Herausgeber: Francis Lionnet

ISBN/EAN: 9781620957219

Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

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