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Sensor Network Operations

Wiley, J,
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This excellent title introduces the concept of mission-orientedsensor networks as distributed dynamic systems of interactingsensing devices that are networked to jointly execute complexreal-time missions under uncertainity. It provides the latest, yetunpublished results on the main technical and applicationchallenges of mission-oriented sensor networks.
The authors of each chapter are research leaders from multipledisciplines who are presenting their latest innovations on theissues. Together, the editors have compiled a comprehensivetreatment of the subject that flows smoothly from chapter tochapter. This interdisciplinary approach significantly enhances thescience and technology knowledge base and influences the militaryand civilian applications of this field.
Author Information:
Dr. Shashi Phoha is the Guest Editor of IEEETransactions in Mobile Computing, Special Issue onMission-Oriented Sensor Networks. She is the Head of theInformation Sciences and Technology Division of ARL and Professorof Electrical and Computer Engineering at PennsylvaniaState University. She has led major research programs ofmultimillion dollars for military sensor networks in industry aswell as in academia. In addition to more than a hundred journalarticles, she authored or co-authored several books in relatedareas.
Dr. Thomas La Porta is the Editor of the IEEE Transactions onMobile Computing. He received his B.S.E.E. and M.S.E.E. degreesfrom The Cooper Union, New York, NY and his Ph.D. degree inElectrical Engineering from Columbia University, New York, NY. Hejoined the Computer Science and Engineering Department at PennState in 2002 as a Full Professor. He is Director of the NetworkingResearch Center at Penn State.
Prior to joining Penn State, Dr. LaPorta was with BellLaboratories since 1986. He was the Director of the MobileNetworking Research Department Bell Laboratories, LucentTechnologies, where he led various projects in wireless and mobilenetworking. He is an IEEE Fellow, Bell Labs Fellow, received theBell Labs Distinguished Technical Staff Award, and an Eta Kappa NuOutstanding Young Electrical Engineer Award. He has published over50 technical papers and holds over 20 patents.
Christopher Griffin holds a Masters degree in Mathematics fromPenn State and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. there. Mr. Griffinhas worked as a research engineer at the Penn State AppliedResearch Laboratory for the last six years on several DARPA and orArmy Research Laboratory sponsored programs, including: theEmergent Surveillance Plexus (ESP) program as a lead engineer; theDARPA sponsored Semantic Information Fusion program under theSensIT initiative, where he co-developed a distributed targettracking system and managed the development of a targetclassification algorithm using Level 1 sensor fusion techniques; asa co-principal software architect for the DARPA Joint ForceComponent Controller (JFACC) initiative, an adaptive C2 programaimed at improving Air Force response times; and he was theprincipal software architect for the Boeing/ARFL Insertion ofEmbedding Infosphere Technology (IEIST) program. His areas ofresearch expertise are distributed tracking systems, missionoriented control, and system modeling.


Titel: Sensor Network Operations
Autoren/Herausgeber: Shashi Phoha, Thomas F. La Porta, Christopher Griffin (Hrsg.)
Ausgabe: 1. Auflage

ISBN/EAN: 9780471784166

Seitenzahl: 448
Produktform: E-Book
Sprache: Englisch

Dr. Shashi Phoha was the Guest Editor of IEEE Transactionson Mobile Computing, Special Issue on Mission-Oriented SensorNetworks. She is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineeringat The Pennsylvania State University and the head of theInformation Sciences and Technology Division of its AppliedResearch Laboratory. In 2004, she was appointed as the Director ofthe Information Technology Laboratory of the National Institute ofStandards and Technology. She has held senior positions inindustry, academia, and government research labs and led majorresearch programs in surveillance sensor networks and Sensor IT formilitary sensor networks.
Dr. Thomas La Porta is the Editor of the IEEETransactions on Mobile Computing. He received his BSEE and MSEEdegrees from The Cooper Union, New York, and his PhD degree inelectrical engineering from Columbia University, New York. Hejoined the Computer Science and Engineering Department at PennState in 2002 as a full professor. He is Director of the NetworkingResearch Center at Penn State.
Christopher Griffin holds a master's degree inmathematics from Penn State and is currently finishing his PhDthere. Mr. Griffin has worked as a research engineer at theInformation Science and Technology Division of Penn State AppliedResearch Laboratory for the last six years on several DARPA and/orArmy Research Laboratory-sponsored programs. - Newsletter
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